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  1. Dave, I just tried both the EU and US download buttons and neither worked. "Faile download."
  2. The jetways thing is a CRJ problem, and there are some fixes in this forum to align them properly. There is also a GSX file available which I thought was going to be included with
  3. This will be my first installer update for the CRJ. Full uninstall/reinstall or just install over existing aircraft?
  4. Similar issue at default gates, and an even more unsightly one at a different SODE gate I tried. The defaults cut off about half of the door, and the other SODE gate (Flightbeam MSP, C27 and D4) tries to sink all the way into the ground. I'm going to remove the added GSX file and see if I can get GSX to use the included AES file, which it should be able to do.
  5. Using v1.0.0.4 just installed from the AS website, I noticed the SODE jetway on the CRJ7 is too far forward. For what it's worth, the GSX files didn't seem to be included with the installer, so I am using the ones that were available on the forum.
  6. That is one slick looking airplane!
  7. With ASN I get between 3 and 10fps, without it I get 30, which is what I have FSX locked to! This is crazy. Does anyone have any specific recommendations for use with active sky?
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