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  1. Hi Tom, thanks for that, i followed that comprehensive list but that didn't work so i was just trying different things and as i was scrolling through the apps list i noticed "gaming services" so i pressed the reset\repair button. Whether this was the fault or not i don't know but install went ok after that. I must admit i'm impressed with the fast loading time and smoothness of frame rates, now iv'e just got to figure out how to get the controls to my liking. Thanks very much for all the help. Mathijs, many apologies to you. You were right, it seems the problem was on my PC af
  2. Hi Tom thanks for the reply i will certainly try those steps tomorrow, but would anybody know why there are two MSFS entries in my library? One being MSFS and the other being MSFS standard preorder. Mathijs, thanks also for the reply. There may well be hundreds of thousands of others that it works for but i can also point you to hundreds of people on sites having exactly the same problem as me( some still haven't got it working since last year) so are all our systems faulty? I think i have a fairly decent PC with DCS on one drive, P3D on another and X-Plane 11 on another and all wo
  3. I'm just about ready to totally give up on this debacle now. First i bought the digital version and this refused to download staying on a loop getting to 120gb downloaded and then dropping back to 87gb so i had a refund. So i thought i'd go the other route with the disc version, it arrived 2 weeks ago but wouldn't install with a faulty disc 6 which couldn't be copied saying "cannot read disc", i contacted Aerosoft and they were brilliant and sent replacement discs which arrived and installed fine today. Now when i go to the store nothing will download, i click install, pick my empty 2TB SSD c
  4. I was signed in to my account and entered the activation code.
  5. Hi Mathijs, The DVD content is installed and when i click on setup on disc 1 it takes me to the microsoft store where it tells me to install MSFS, when i try to install it after selecting my SSD it just goes back to the install instruction page. Nothing happens.
  6. Hi all, i have installed all 10 discs onto a separate SSD and what is there is MSFS 2020\Official\OneStore\ Asobo_aircraft etc .I can't see any way to launch the sim and in the microsoft store it tells me to download and install the sim, but when i pick the drive it just goes back to the store install page.Help pleeeeeeeeeeeeease !!!!!!!!
  7. Ok, that must be the issue then, thanks very much for taking the time to reply .
  8. This has happened at two different airports both addons one was Aruba and the other Nagasaki. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hello, i'm experiencing a weird issue on landing with autopilot. As i'm on approach to the runway at about 500ft the A330 seems to instantly jump and slam into the runway (obviously wrecking my VA pirep) i have had this a couple of times now but only with the A330 just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same problem?
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