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  1. Ok, that must be the issue then, thanks very much for taking the time to reply .
  2. This has happened at two different airports both addons one was Aruba and the other Nagasaki. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hello, i'm experiencing a weird issue on landing with autopilot. As i'm on approach to the runway at about 500ft the A330 seems to instantly jump and slam into the runway (obviously wrecking my VA pirep) i have had this a couple of times now but only with the A330 just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same problem?
  4. Hi, if it's the same as the Airbus X was you'll have to change the texture cfg to match the new Airbus texture cfg. Forgive me if that's wrong!
  5. Thanks very much for the reply Tom, it looks like the email is genuine. I used an online translator and it just seems to say "thank you for your purchase, your payment has been received". What threw me was that it was in German, i still haven't opened the attachment pdf though, just in case.
  6. Hi all, i was wondering if i should be worried about an email i got today supposedly from Aerosoft. Yesterday i bought the A320 bundle from Aerosoft and today got this email, It was in German and contained an attachment ( not opened ), in the email was a bit of English that said "encountered permanent error during SPF processing of domain of aerosoft". So i was wondering if this is genuine or a bit more sinister. Thanks.
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