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  1. I saved a flight before starting the 'DESCENT PREP CL' (in CRZ level) and the TD in the MCDU was shown one minute later after the waypoint PAGOG and the next waypoint SP007 (FL131) was six minutes after PAGOG. So I did the rest of the flight normaly and closed the simulator. Minutes later I was back to the simulator and load the saved flight. I saw that the TD was no longer showed in the MCDU and the fixed SP007 (FL131) was only two minutes (instead six like before) after PAGOG. I think that is not OK. Am I wrong? MCDU image before save flight. MCDU with saved flight loaded.
  2. Thank you, for me this post already can be closed but Let's see what Richard Portier has to say about it.
  3. At last (I swear), I was curious. How did you conduct your approach tests for SBSP (or any others)? Did you save the flight using some appropriate software (which?) to get back to the saved point and start over there?
  4. By the way, when by simmer's failure the checklist is forgotten to be executed (and lost), is there any way to retrieve it starting in the next checklist step? Thanks for your effort.
  5. For SBSP, what values do you suggest for DH and MDA?
  6. I set my A318/319 to "TAKE-OFF STATE" like sugested above. Thanks.
  7. What? I did not know I had to act like I was installing a pirated product. I use Microsoft Window Defender. I am going to uninstall, take the internet from the wall outlet and redo the installation. I will return with news about it. Thank you.
  8. I am confused. I need help. The A318/319 start with none state selected (first image) and the A320/321 start in TAKE-OFF STATE (second image). A318/319 ACFT STATE at aircraft loading. A320/321 ACFT STATE at aircraft loading. In the case above I need press COLD DARK STAT twice, because in the first press the MCDU3 do not turn off (first image bellow) and the overhead panel is in a confuse way (second image bellow). After first press COLD DARK STATE Overhead panel after first press COLD DARK STATE After second press COLD DARK STATE the MCDU3 turns off (bellow) and the overhead panel seems to be OK (second image bellow). Overhead panel after second press COLD DARK STATE.
  9. By the way, some models (that I no longer remember which) when being loaded are coming in "cold & dark state" and others in "takeoff state". When I change the status to "Cold & dark", the MCDU3 continues turned on (some buttons on overhead panel also) and I need to press "Cold & dark" again to turn the MCDU3 off (and overhead panel). I'm sorry not have explained the issues better because of the limitations of my bad English. Regards, LuisVargas
  10. I did another flight and I can confirm that all checklists for the A319 IAE are running except the call out LANDING that is not heard but is executed. The landing was on a runway (SBGL) that practically is at sea level. The route was "SBSJ UBS1A.DORLU ROPA1A DONGI SBGL", departing from rwy 15, crz at FL190 and landing using the ILS of rwy 10.
  11. I flew from LOWS to LIPZ using route "DETS1A.DETSA LAREN LARE1C" and landing at runway 04R (ILS 109.95). I used the A319-132 IAE GERMANWINGS D-AGNS and I can almost say that all the checklists went well, but I confess that I did not remember has been hearing the call out "LANDING" although it has ben executed (COPILOT ON). In short, it was a flight without any problem. *I used Navigraph instead of NavDataPro.
  12. Aerosoft A320 professional AIR BERLIN D-ABMS A320-214 CFM SHARK Aerosoft A320 professional BRITISH AIRWAYS G-EUUU A320-232 IAE Airbus A319 TAM PR-MAN A319-132 IAE
  13. What you mean about "... the rest is working well."? Is the "rest" the AFTER LANDING and PARKING?
  14. Ok, I did the reverse way, i.e instead to go from Rio de Janeiro (at sea level) to São Paulo state (much above sea level) I came from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and the all checklist items worked ok this time. My P3D v4.3 has no other add-ons than Aerosoft Airbus Family Professional and PMDG 737NGX. Nothing more because my hardware is an entry-level. In my opinion the airport elevation can be one of the things that is contribuinting to the observed fail on the checklist after the LANDING checklist to be call out and the aircraft land sucessfully.
  15. With A320 used "A320-214 CFM SHARK" and "A320-232 IAE". I also have the same problems using "A319-132 IAE".
  16. The FINAL and LANDING works OK. The AFTER LANDING and PARKING are the steps not executed. Something like if the code do not recognize that the aircraft was landed and is already on the ground and leaving the runway, so much so that on the last flight to SBGR, when I taxied to the gate, stoped and activated the parking brake the call out was "HUNDRED ABOVE" that is a call out for LANDING.
  17. uhmm... "think about it what is different" this can be the way. I did another flight to a third airport (SBGR) at the same state (São Paulo) and again the checklist stoped at LANDING. So I have three unsuccessfully flights against two well done. The first difference that comes to mind is the altitude of the airports. The three failed flights were to airports above sea level, i.e. SBSJ (2119 ft), SBSP (2631 ft) and SBGR (2457 ft). The two well done flights were to LFMN (13 ft) and EHAM (-10 ft). Ok, the next flight will be to an airport at sea level. Let's see. Thanks for you help.
  18. I did another flight. This time from EGKK to EHAM on the FL250 and using the flight plan "EGKK CNL9V.CNL UL620.REDFA REDFA1A EHAM". The arrival at EHAM was at runway 18R and using its ILS. Everything went well and all the checklist steps worked. What I am trying to demonstrate is that all my flights are done in the same way, I mean, in the simplest way that is using the automatic checklist. So the fact of the checklist works correctly in some flights and in some others not, it's a mystery to me and I am asking help.
  19. I did the flight LOWILFMN01.fpl and it went well. This time the "AFTER LANDING" and "PARKING" checlists were run without problems.
  20. I'll take the requested screenshots. There were two short and smaller flights than 200 nm made with the A320 PRO 2018. Both departing from runway 02R of SBRJ (Santos Dumont, Rio de Janeiro). FIRST FLIGHT TO "Congonhas, São Paulo" AT FL220. "SBRJ IH1A UMBAD Z11 KEVUN UGTE1B SBSJ" with transition in KEVUN and landing by ILS of runway 15. SECOND FLIGHT TO "São José dos Campos, São Paulo" AT FL320. "SBRJ IH1A UMBAD Z11 PAGOG KOMG3A SBSP" with transition in PAGOG and landing by the ILS of runway 17R. THIRD FLIGHT => I will do the LOWILFMN01.flp that comes in the "A3XX Flightplans" folder. Thanks and best regards.
  21. New flight, new route and again the same problem in the checklist has occurred. The checklist stops in LANDING (number 5 in the attached image). The image sequence of events is: 1 - DESCENT, 2 - APPROACH, 3 - FINAL, 4 - LANDING and 5 - after the landing and taxiing to the gates. The first four were wel done and the last one had fail.
  22. This (link below) is exactly what is happening to me. I will check the issue of speed greater than 35 kts and the 15 seconds for the AFTER CHECKLIST to start. I will back with news.
  23. In the A320 the checklist hangs after at FINAL. The LANDING checklist is started when the aircraft touch the ground but not the AFTER LANDING and PARKING. In the MCDU3 DESCENT and FINAL stays flashing. I repeated the flight about three times and it always happens the same thing.
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