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  1. Yes this scenery would be great with XP11
  2. Sorry for the late response and thank you for your help. As I am a newbie with P3D, could you tell me the right way to use this file: should I take all the folders P3d v.4 and where to put them ? Thanks again. François
  3. I bought the update for P3D v.4 and that works perfectly, much better than under FSX. I have no more the problem of the lights. Only small problem, probably of my fault: I do not see any more wind turbines. Thanks for your help. François
  4. I've just reinstalled the 1.21 version and read again the documentation of the configuarator. I've desactivated the "Force Ecam Software Rendering" button and my FPS increased (4 fps more than before, for example on Madeira Scenery from 18 to 22fps). With a good graphic card it seems a good idea to switch off this button.
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