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  1. I am looking for someone here in CONUS to help do repaints for BroncoX, Now that we will have a paintkit, the quality, and variety will definately be on the rise, you must know tools of trade, but not absolutely necessary, I can train you the 3 "C"'s are necessary Communication, Cooperation, Conversation (not to be mistaken for the 1st). All repaints we make for the Bronco will be uploaded and become property of Aerosoft. please keep in mind I am 67 years young, still have a vibrant (if not slightly defective imagination). I will only have about 3 weeks to accomplish what WE can. I also want to make the flightsim community and aerosoft proud..... My first couple of days will be spent disecting the paintkit, and configuration files. The first paint I would like to do is NASA 524. Second would be a groupfile for the 12 active birds of California Department of Forestry, From Redding to Ramona. IM me if interested. John
  2. Just a question..... On the Mk82 loadout, CAS mission, a Marine butterbar lietenant calls you for support, you fly in to assess the situation..... The grunt tells you he cannot mark his location for fear of being overrun...... HOW ? you gonna mark your FEBA to drop the iron bombs without killing all friendlies on the ground....... easy preflight requires you to confirm proper weps loadout, to include wing mounted rockets WP is preferred because 1. produces alot of smoke 2. has a high kill ratio when contact with human skin... if it don't kill him, it makes him wish he was dead. As the mission commander, I would decline flying a mission without rockets ! i've said enough l8r
  3. Well it beats......... kibbles and Dogtreats don't it. Don't like the separation of USMC and USAF, both of the same ilk, both of the same construction, both of the same logistics........ Bottom line if the Air Force had it ! The Marines Stole it ! This aircraft was not initially built for the USAF, it was built under contract to the USN, USMC (Army declined) When the Navy Got it, they didn't know what to do with it, When the Marines got it......... THEY PUT IT TO WORK ! nuff said. Also noted you scrapped the wing munitions ? OUTSTANDING JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. please open a new category in repaints for BRONCO X
  4. Flightsim and Avsim have no protection, all well most of the repaints their for Tim Conrads are mine, How many have my name on them. NONE, They do not have a category here at aerosoft for the BroncoX, till they do, I cannot upload them, unless I upload them to F16, etc..etc.. [WHY NOT OK...WILL UL TO F16 CATEGORY] Just tried to ul to F16 repaint category, would not let me... so till they open a category for Bronco X. we are SOL. only couple more days till update anyway, then your hands will be busy.
  5. until I can find an anti-american uploader, it won't happen
  6. Don't thank me Finn.......... This bit of thanks is for you gentleman @ aerosoft, I am not alone when I say this.
  7. This is just to let you guys know that since you released the Cheyenne a few years ago, I had ZERO... no confidence in payware developers... BUT I knew from the moment I put the cd in to install the aircraft, it had trouble... I came to the website and discovered not only were the guys here aware, but already had a correction for the issue. I was sold on aerosofts product. I continue to toss money into developers hands, and through the years had not felt that I received what I paid for, perhaps I am a little biased (NOW). But I felt compelled to put something up on this board to let Mr KOK, Steffen, and FINN know that regardless of what comes out of your update, I will be happy. I have dreamed of this project for so long, and now on the eve of it's release. I believe in what you do, Not for the monetary amount, but by the questions presented to me, has shown me that YOU CARE, and have enough self-pride to show it. Thank you again for all of you who have contributed to this project. p.s. I saw one of my friends today his given name is Tim, his comrads given name is "sundown", right after his return from Austria last month he was diagnosed with cancer. He has spent the last month flying state to state to give his farewells (today was my turn). He is a very upbeat person, This morning I fired up FSX for him to show what you guys have done.... He was in awe of starting the bird up from cold and dark. All he did was ask me where knobs and switches were, but he fired her like he never left the seat... It was a grand 3 hours. he left an hour ago for Florida... but he left tickled. thanks again. John "Delta Deuce" Ferrell :mecry_s:
  8. I have all 3 milviz aircraft, and they are just eyecandy, heavy on the FPS (VERY HEAVY) w/ the mudhen, The T-38 a little better but the art is off kilter goto cockpit change seat direction up and watch the adi follow you. The 310 well it is very good, but looks nothing like a 310R, I have sat in, must of been a modified version they emulated. their product is good, not great, and they DO NOT listen to their users, because they are a corporate unit paid by the US government. I still give em an "A" for their effort. p.s. Milviz does not have designs on the Bronco.
  9. I have spent years trying to gain the realistic flight characteristics of the "Piglet" Bronco, and Had just recently got it right, or close to it, I have found that it is NOT the cfg file that is the problem, it is Flight Simulator... i.e. by slight modification to a jet you can make it hypersonic.... that is just not right, nor fair. In reality driving the Bronco is easier than driving a car (once you know all the bells and whistles). The aircraft rolls down the runway (The engine has zero torque or gyro impedence she does not slide left or right, she goes where you aim her nose. when you reach 89mph she lifts cleanly from the earth (weight dependent), their are only 3 other high performance airframes that are more difficult the Beech B200, the Beech B18, and the Cessna 208B, Yes I have checkflights in all of those... so guys keep in mind that these gentlemen here @ aerosoft have an extremely impossible job when they create these aircraft, and it is NOT their fault, the must utilise the tools and guidelines that microsoft has laid down.... If you want the real thing... well the South Americans have quite a few for sell... Only around $500,000.00 bucks. and I do believe the Luftwaffe still has a couple for sell. Nasa has 3 they go up for auction on june 25th of this year. The only negative I would say about this aircraft is she was a SWEAT BOX, the air circulation system was a joke.... But at least they built a way to releave ourselves
  10. Uploaded with p.s. It was just sharp enough to give you an idea of what it looked like. I sent another copy to FINN. I figured you would have had this completed by now. If you can't get the photo from FINN or Mr. KOK im me an email to send it to you, in the meantime here is the one I created for "Piglets" Bronco. the colors from the reostat went from green-white to solid green
  11. The only existing image I know of is the one I mailed to Mr. KOK, it was just a polaroid made on a nite-op, you have to understand, what I did back then could have got me courtmartialed. But it was taken for my personal archieve. Let me know if you if you want a copy John
  12. The basic cause of piracy is still the same as anything else via theft "cause and effect", or simple greed, it can be debated thru infinity... "cause you have it, and I want it". I for one believe that knowledege in any existence should be free. It is by the graces of god, that one has the knowledge to do something... it is also by the grace of god that man should support man. But we know that will never happen, because if it should happen......... their would be no more rape, pilage, or murder... therfore no more policia, bobbies, or cops... laws just or not are written for man by man.. ever seen a dog, or cat accused of theft, ever seen a buck beat the hell out of his fellow buck... in nature's world it does not happen.. this world is screwed up, and EVERYBODY KNOWS it... THEIR WILL BE NO LAW, TILL LAW IS REMOVED FROM MAN. (THESIUS) Fact is I usually share my teachings with anyone, anytime... I will upload all my files to have a great weekend all [their are 8 million stories in the "NAKED" city..this has been one of them]
  13. tsk....tsk..... Patience is a virtue.... Eat a finger or two, bite your toenails, sandpaper a cats bottom.. here it is "In God We Trust" for aerosoft: all others pay cash
  14. Thank you SNAVE...... you sir are a gentleman, and a scholar
  15. I will re-up my files when I can find a legitimate file holder... Megaupload was compromised last evening, and shut-down for 5 counts of copyrite violations. ... sorry for any inconvenience.
  16. Must of been the pain meds.... hes gonna kill me..... His name is Charles (Chuck Burrin) Col USMCRet.
  17. To do all those paints would take me longer than I have left on this planet... probably have to write you some IOU's... But if the good folks here would post a poll and number those repaints, I will do the ones with the most votes... Please Mr. KOK do not do the 20mm bird.... it was a joke.... and it ended that way... jammed all the time.
  18. P.S. The photo is from Col. Chuck Burris Commanding Officer VMO-2 MCAS Camp Pendleton, Ca (Yuma, AZ) so now you know the first shipment and it's destination. (notice the plastivue cover on the canopy). also I almost forgot to let you know after the first 25 shipped the rest came with sunshaded overhead canopy. also take note of the grease pencil markings on the canopy.
  19. No they were not backlit, they were just standard eliptic covers over ge904 bulbs, and NO suncover, your safety was switch "CENTER' safe, switch "UP OR DOWN" away... switch positioning was covered in the pre-flight checklist, you could not arm the switch without command authority, AND your were over your ops area, this is one of the reasons you were given a 7 channel listen 1 channel talk radio. also you will notice the Mk4 Pod system, arming was done via 1 set of selectors, to drop or jettison "safe" was on another I have been looking thru my albums I have some photos. but i am afraid you don't have time to wait for them.. I have been sick the last few days forgive me. Also notice the date and shipment number
  20. The Long range version was known as "Gas n Guns" . I will be happy as long as their are no Kibbles an Dog Treats
  21. This is correct, BUT you can substitute this map case for any avionics your heart desires, originallt it was a deep glove box style with no door.. your papers lay in it, with a downward decline front to rear... wasn't much of a box though... good for cookie toss when trying an immelman.. and those were not "hardpoint manipulation panels" they were Mark 4 weapons selection panels
  22. I posted here previously somewhere that PAINT schemes in color were given to command authority only however individual paint was up to the descretion of the unit command, this is why you see so so many different schemes from the Marines to the Air Force. The USN wanted the Bronco due to it's implied carrier capability. The Air Force was never sure of WHAT to do with the Bronco... The Marines were slobbering all over themselves BECAUSE of the Bronco's capability in CAS operations which was proven in the battle over hill 28, and the "A" shau valley. and it was VMO-2 that had the "White Wing" on top with a black and white checkerboard port and starboard. this was to assist the "fast Movers" (Jets) in finding the FAC from above, so they would not drop a surprise on his head. another little fact for you, Bronco pilots did not have a knee board so to say, their just was no time or space for one, If the driver received a coordinate call for assistance or whatever, the CANOPY served as a hell of a chalkboard, except the chalk was a grease pencil, IF you ever goto NAS Pensacola, and look close at the bird they have on display you can still see where LtCdr Dave Wenchel used green grease pencil on his port side.
  23. OUTSTANDING........ The USAF museum would be proud.
  24. Just curious about why ? VMO-1..... They did not receipt the first OV10
  25. Have you been up close and personal, the color selection is dead on..... it is brighter than you think .
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