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  1. Version 1.11 Long Range


    VMO-6 NAS Patuxent River, 1983, before reassignment to NAS Oceana
  2. Be up to BroncoX in a minute
  3. I get my figures from 24.7 years of military service, and have been in around, and through this bird, it is information readily available from NATOPS manuels, USMC/USAF/USN.... what FSX gives you, and what YOU give FSX are totally different, but one is real figures, such as atomic weights 6.7 ppg. These are items that are not changed, unless the chemical content are modified. Their are many items in realty that have not been covered with the BroncoX i.e. aoa/aoa index, or NO AP, all formation lights (red), and on and on, this post is not a hit upon what you have done with the model, it is just a post to give a more real situation to the flight model.. I do not know what you are reading, but untill you have removed 1 or all bags personally, will you know reason upon reason. Their were 5 CopCaps (fuel bag access holes) on top of the wing with 14 7/16 capnuts, when removed, you removed the seal, and captor ring, then you would pull the bag out while removing air (folding as a balloon would fold) replacement of the new bag was opposite of removing, with the exception of using a bicycle pump to inflate the new bag into place. You have to understand the books were called liars, because basically nothing was the truth with the exception of the wood they were made from, STILL TRUE TODAY. Their were approximately 400 birds OV-10A manufactured, of which the American Military received about 250 of, another 100 were exported, where did the other 50 go ?, after The Bronco became obsolete to our military 85 % were sold on the used market, of which 25% of those have found their way home to the USA, I would belittle my education math more precisely, if I said the numbers all added up, they do not...... by all manner of things do a little more research than reading the book...... The NASA 524 bird has 1 ONE single presurized 300 gallon fuel cell, known as the waterbed, The DEA birds of south florida fame, carried 300 gallon centerline drop tanks......... Their are so many small yet indirect items known for the Bronco, but not advertised. did you know the biggest mechanical weakness of the Bronco was the hydraulics, the oil cell was too small, as was the pump (mounted on the starboard cargo wall), thank god for mechanical backup. Did you know many pilots did not know wether they would survive an ejection from a Bronco due to an immediate frame above their heads (when rocket fired, a can-opener style piece of steel would peal you from the cockpit). I can keep going, just like the little eveready bunny............ I am just cooperatively sharing my knowledge OF this bird, perhaps just in the sake of easing my conscience a little over the horrors I have had a hand in, in my life, you asked me about onboard weps when you were doing the CAS bird, now that you have had time to think about it, and reading that book you have, I am confident you know, you could have created 100 different model loadouts.. John
  4. OK guys lets start posting our changes that improve the functionality of the Bronco X, this information does not suggest you make the changes, it only tells you changes you COULD make to make the bird a little more livable. My first info share will be the fuel (onboard only). The Bronco had 5 resealable fuel bags in-line and all were the same size, to make replacement bags easier, they each had the same gallon capacity of 51 Gallons, of which .60 gallons was deemed unusable, so IF you had 5 bags @51Gals each, you had on board capacity for 255 gallons minus unusable which was 3.0 to make the bottom line 252.00 gallons. leftmain = -1.0, -8.0, -1.1, 51.00,0.60 rightmain = -1.0, 8.0, -1.1, 51.00,0.60 lefttip = -1.0, -13.5, -1.1, 51.00, 0.60 righttip = -1.0, 13.5, -1.1, 51.00, 0.60 center1 = -1.0, 0.0, -1.1, 51.00, 0.60
  5. ddeuce

    Nasa paint

    I did mine on christmas eve, no paint other than what was given........figure maybe you could give it a lived look
  6. Version 1.10


    If someone could download to convert to 1.11 . These files were created originally for the "B" Bronco original BuOrd#155426.. go here for history: I have over 400 hours in this bird.
  7. ddeuce

    Nasa paint

    Jan............... wanna do another one of the Bronco OV10A N97LM ? I will upload the original "B" model files URL=]
  8. ddeuce

    Nasa paint

    you are welcome for use of original paint................ DELTA.........nonetheless...a superb job, just one question, if you painted using the PSD files....... why not remove the CDF wingline, and the dirt and scratches......... This bird is superb and special, and is the one OV-10A that receives more looks than any other I know... she can be viewed at either the John Glenn research center, or Patrick AFB, (site schedule available from NASA). Now that NASA does not exist, I have heard rumors she is going to the Smithsonian aviation museum, along with one of the T-38D trainers... what a shame, what a waste. Thanks Jan. If I could use PSP, I would have already done it. I did not mean the above to be derogatory at all. I just feel that their are not many of us left... and each of us feel the Bronco belongs to us personally. P.S. don't forget this bird is also a movie star 7 minutes of film footage in the movie "The Box" with Cameron Diaz" pss you forgot to change the reg# on the main panel to N524NA vs N409DF. again Thanks Delta oneactual.out
  9. Anyone know of a tool that can open the model like the old acm for the BroncoX, I need exact coordinates for the 7.62 guntips to load the guns effects
  10. Gunner, you can change the underpin art to modify prop animation (alpha) I do this all the time get MW Graphics software, and modify the alpha directly, I use MWG due to simplicity of use click to open alpha....repaint... darker.... lighter.... save, reload, and fly it to test it. careful not to try to open the animator with anything other than 256bit, and save as same..
  11. Excellent file........... beats throwing smoke grenades out the window ! How many lives COULD have been saved, with additional countermeasures in southeast asia
  12. Thank you ! Hope you guys are all staying warm.... with europe getting americas winter.... It was sunny and 60 yesterday, 2 years ago we received 18 inches of snow, and blizzard conditions.......
  13. ddeuce

    Nasa paint

    Great JOB !!!!!!!!
  14. I am sorry to act as a spoiled child, you are still great people...... sometimes I feel selfish, and have to check myself...... just call me "COATRACK" or Otis Elevator up and down, up and down. My offer will still be on the table should their be cost overun..... Johnny
  15. .................. In short you are saying no way no how..........and as I recall, accuracy was your driver behind the Bronco........ I see this will go nowhere........that's fine it is your business......
  16. Mr. Kok, I made a proposal to pay for another Model of the Bronco X 4 blade, non-asynchronus booms, OV-10E, exported to Asia, and South America. I still keep this offer on the table.... Perhaps you can do this: Re-build the program (not complete) to include items as the "E" model, and perhaps another 1 or 2 different loadouts, and even the Luftwaffe version with the rear facing (target observation seat) for target pull observation, your descretion, it does not have to be anything major. I think your product followers would be more than happy to pay an extra surcharge for another perhaps smaller package. This is no joke, this request is real, and the supporters will give you their opinions below, for now I make the proposal: IF YOU ARE A BRONCO SUPPORTER FILE YOUR APPEAL BY ADDING TO THIS SUBJECT. thank you
  17. Tristan... you're holding out on us.... .... Your Angels are great... BUT YA GOTTA SHARE PPPLLLEEEAAASSSSEEE i CAN'T USE RAPIDSHARE......
  18. guess it aint gonna happen ........... oh well
  19. They are the same sponson's, tubeframes were modified to accomodate the Lycombing engines, the engines were different to accomodate more torque, and speed rated 1000shp each. other than that.. they are the same aircraft.
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