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  1. Just returned from the aerosoft store, I read your marketing of the Bronco X, and Lucky you nobody within the euro community has complained YET. You are still showing the NASA version in your promo so if you say it, then it must be true..... perhaps you should remove this from your marketing, or even better, put a box on top of the cockpit of the training model...add a 5 foot pitot to the port nose of the aircraft and viola, you have a NASA Bronco.

  2. The only existing "White Wings" were VMO-2, On a mission near the Cambodian border, a Yankee Romeo was knocked out of the sky by a friendly F-4 Phantom on a support mission because the Fast mover did not call the "No Joy" meaning he did not have the FAC in view before he delivered his ordnance, the next day the commanding officer of VMO-2 gave the order for ALL VMO2 aircraft to paint the top of the wings white, WITH a HIGH VIS pattern on the Wing Horn... thus the legend of the checkerboard was born.......... VMO-2 suffered no losses to frindly fire after that........ Nice looking bird.... BTW

  3. Hello everybody,

    In first a great congratulation for this incredible and awesome addon, your OV-10 Bronco is a real perfection !!

    I really love this aircraft and off course your addon...

    I have a little question concerning the "Yaw Damper", when I read the check-list I can read before the starting engine: Yaw Damper --> Checked.

    And for the descent: OFF.

    Please can you tell me for the taxi, before the take-off and during the flight if the "Yaw damper" is ON or OFF ?

    A great thank's in advance for your assistance.

    Best regards Olivier.

    In real life.... you DO NOT engage the Damper until you are flying hot straight and normal....... As a practice I do not engage damper until after I have intercepted my IP LOC... also do not foget to disengage b4 you start your descent, that way you know in advance if you are going to have a control problem this is part of your pre-take-off, and pre-descent checklist.

  4. which is why I use Photoshop...

    coast guard huh? well, maybe, but there was this request for a BLM Bronco as well....

    I Havr The BLM under control, scheduled for Tuesday, and The USCG for Friday

  5. why not use the paintkit?

    I do not like having to be a computer myself, and it is hard to learn PSP, I have used Corel and JASC since inception without problems..... I can separate layers, save a layer...etc..etc... But each time I attempt color replacement, or even a color, it's just too much all the crap you gotta go through to choose bruch latency, etc...etc..ettc.... Shoot just opening PSP is like a freakin commercial waiting for all the credits to get lined up... just not worth it using PSP

  6. I wouldn't mind the volume of the engine sound to be lowered some. I imagine it is because I use headphones but I have to lower the engine volume in the FS options menue when I fly this one or the PMDG J-41. Not a big deal but it would be more convenient.

    These aircraft with geared direct drive engines are tough on what remains of my hearing!

    William, I do the same, I use headphones, as my sim system is in my living room (wheelchair), In my fs settings, I have engine sounds low, I have atc maxed, I have cockpit background nominal (related to engine sounds). HOWEVER, In a real Bronco, with your headset on, It still sounds like a million bees buzzing next to your ears. The one thing I have tried to fix is the squelch like sound you get in your phones each time you release the pickle on your throat.. I havn't found the equivelant sound yet... This problem is not just with the Bronco... it is with other sounds also.. I will keep working on it.. till I personally find a solution.... I did find a solution with the Conrad Bronco by creating my own sound set, using the TSS Kingair sounds, and modify the internals (removing the internal sound link to the engine) I will see what I can do with Bronco X sound files, and get back with you, Please if you don't hear from me say within a week msg me.... OK. John

  7. myself personally, all fixes are minor.. 1. is the removal of the backup ADI, and an AOA gauge. 2. an AOA indexer on the left windscreen post. 3. Removal of the Towel Rack on the bottom of the Air Force bird to use as the Marine Version, as it is more accurate than the Marine bird. 4. 2 additional 110" whip antenna on the booms (total of 4). 5. 1 additional model 4 Blade. 6. a functioning Taxi light switch, a functioning Strobe switch (to use for more modern Broncos). 7. modification of the ASC function to allow addition of the Microsoft GPS (currently all changes made to panel evaporate with PC restart). 8. Functioning "red filter" switch, (for switching between IR Targeting reticle and Green Day Flight Reticle.

    Almost forgot..................... I would like to see a good panel add for the observation deck, it only has 5 avionics gauges and 3 warning gauges, simple easy........... and 4 window package not 1.

  8. Why Saigon ? at the start of the campaign the squadron was moved to Saigon, due to sapper damage @ Danang, and Bien Thuy, as well as Khe San, and alot of other places.... It was for support only

  9. Thanks for the link. The Cactus Airforce uh? I don't get out much; being down here in Al - er - bamer and all.

    You are fine FlameOut, This bird will be at your Birmingham airshow this fall... I understand the don't get out much.... DAMMIT.. I love your avatar, reminds me of the baseball cards of the sixties.... ABSOLUTELY GORGIOUS
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