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  1. I support this request. Especially for the Dutch airports. Best regards, Hans
  2. Yes I did. I tried again and now the EFB is OK. Don't know what I did wrong. Thanks for your patience and help. Best regards, Hans
  3. I did login to Navigraph before starting P3D and the CEST is correct. Best regards, Hans
  4. How do I get rid of these error messages? Installed is version
  5. I have to login in the configurator for using the charts of Navigraph every time before I load the AS bus! Is that a normal procedure? Best regards, Hans Kampman
  6. Sorry, I forgot to say I am using P3D v.4.
  7. Hello Matthijs, I Purchased Maastricht-Aachen from FSPS store but I don't see an update there in my account. Do they get the update from Aerosoft? Updating form Aerosoft with the serial number from FSPS is not working. HansK
  8. I tried to update the busses but when the updater opens it shows the installed products and the busses in red. The "Update selected product" is greyed out. So updating is not possible. See the screenshot.
  9. I updated the Airbus Prof. to version but the flightrecorder is still not working. Is this subject having the attention of Aerosoft? Regards Hans Kampman
  10. Thanks for your reply. I will contact Virtual Avionics and tell them what you suggest and wait for their reaction on this.
  11. I am using the VAInterface software to interface with the Virtual CDU A320. This worked great with the Airbus for FSX but I changed to P3D V4 and now I can't use it anymore. Virtual Avionics is still waiting for an answer to their question for an SDK from Aerosoft. Is Aerosoft planning to make this available for Virtual Avionics? Greetings HansK
  12. After updating de Airac to 1813 the fms seems to work normal. I hope the problem is now resolved.
  13. I installed the CRJ in P3D V4.3 and have the same problem. With the Navigraph Airac cycle 1810 all goes well but updating to 1813 the sim crashes.
  14. After trying several things out I come to the conclusion that it has nothing to do with the Navigraph update. It is impossible to insert any information in the FMS. For instance the altitude, bagage weight etc. For a second the EXE knob lights up and then de box is empty again. Uninstalling and removing the files left behind and then install again gives the same result. Maybe it has to do with WIN10 although I don't have issues with my other planes. For now i'm quitting with the CRJ and wait for a solution.
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