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  1. Hey Mathijs, Did a lot of testing before I did the re-install and found that none of my Aerosoft planes would work. I keep my aircraft in a folder outside of the program folder and everything has worked fine up till now. I moved the Aerosoft folder over the my documents section but the aircraft still crashed my sim. I then moved them to inside the program folder and they worked fine. I am not sure what changed in 4.2 that won't allow me to keep the Aerosoft aircraft outside the program folder but this is a first for me. All my other aircraft outside the program folder work fine except for a couple of A2A aircraft I am troubleshooting since 4.1, but that's another whole different story. LouP
  2. I updated the content and client by unistalling the two first and then reinstalling those updates. Should I try reinstalling the Otter?
  3. Hi, Anyone else having P3D v 4.2 ctd when selecting the twin otter extended? Thanks, LouP
  4. Hi Guys, Just wonder why there is so much silence on this subject. I've been trying to get these models to show using AICarriers2 for days now but am having crashes whenever I try. Thank you with kind regards, LouP
  5. OK I have more information now that I tried a few things out. I loaded one of the Seahawk flights and the gauge was there and working. I tried to move to a few other airports once the gauge was working and it worked fine on the first move but when I tried to go to a third airport the gauge was not working again. Does thie mean that I have to start using the aircraft by loading one of the supplied flights and then can only move to one other airport after that? BTW, I liked the way she flew when everything was woring OK. Thanks, LouP
  6. Was this resolved because I am having a gauge issue also. The CRT in front of the pilot does not work, no working artificial horizon or any other readout. When I first load the aircraft, the CRT has three bright red verical lines on the left side that go away when I press DCLT but nothing works after that either. Thanks for your help, LouP
  7. Never mind, I'm loosing it, or at least track of my posts, I'm all set Thanks, LouP
  8. OK thanks Shaun, I appreciate the assistance. Maybe there is a discount available for some of the other items. LouP
  9. Wow, Thanks Shaun. I'll grab the Do this evening. What does it mean if I can't see all my orders or if there is no FSX version in the order history(Seahawk). Does it mean that there is no FSX version or that it may be included in the installer that I have? Can't wait to try out the Do in FSX. LouP
  10. Hi All, So I finally broke open my piggy bank and am getting a new PC and am going to take a look at FSX. I was wondering if there was any upgrade path for the FS9 Aerosoft products I purchased previously. It was not too long ago that I purchased Coast Gaurd and the Seahawk packages. I also have some other items such as the D027 that I had purchased a bit longer ago. Thanks, LouP
  11. So I bought the Seahawk and Boxer some weeks ago here and while I loved the way they looked, I was having issues landing on the Boxer. Then I realized last night that my frame rates were really dropping and I was having these "mini" free-ups every time I looked at the ship. It was affecting all of my operations in the Norfolk area really bad. There is an oil rig out in the harbor and every time I swung around so I was facing the Boxer miles away, I would have one of those freeze ups making the whole landing process almost impossible. So last night I put my mind to finding a way to correct the problem. So using DXT.bmp I opened all of the texture files in the LHD scenery folder one by one and saved each of them as a 32 bit map file as I only have Paint Shop Pro version 6 and that version doesn't deal with dxts. Next I opened the texture files and resized each of the tiles from 1024X1024 down to 512X512 and saved each one. Then I went back to dxt.bmp and converted each file from the 32 bit map into a dxt3 file. I flew over to the Boxer and now there were no stutters or freeze-ups at all and I was able to put down several of my copters on to the deck (what a blast). Sure the visuals were degraded a bit but the ship still looks pretty good to me. Operations in the whole area are now improved and I will be hopping around down here for a while honing my skills now. Thank you for an awesome package Aerosoft. I thought I would post this in case there are others out there having a similar issue on an older machine. BTW; my rig is a P4 2.8 gig machine with a XFX GS7800 extreme video card and a soundblaster ZS. I know, very old by today's standards but she has served me well and she seems to be even better flying helis now. Maybe because my airsspeed has dropped when I fly now . LouP
  12. No sure if anyone else has mentioned this or not but I don't think I saw it and it's worth mentioning. DON'T FORGET the HELICOPTERS! LouP
  13. Thanks Shaun, Got it, now have both on my PC. Not sorry yet LouP
  14. Thanks Shaun, I've been doing some research since my purchase. I had been wondering if I made a mistake getting the Coast Guard package vs. the Seahawk package and also wondering if it would be worth purchasing the Seahawk package if I already have the Coast Guard package. From what I can see it looks like it may be worth it to have both. So my question now is, should I do any prep work if I now purchase the Seahawk package? Will the Seahawk package write over any of my files from the Coast Guard package in FS9? Thanks, LouP
  15. So I just bought the FS9 version of the Coast Guard package and saw that there is a Seahawk package here at Aerosoft's web site. Is there any great difference between the two? LouP
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