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  1. I have also the dark shadow texture and would appreciate the help
  2. I download and I also get dark textures ...anyone can help me with the fix?
  3. chusair

    AES for FSX Steam

    because I moved and half my stuff is on a storage. I couldn't find the installation CD
  4. I was instructed by the support to uninstall the FSX SE main folder and reinstall using the FSX version... I clarify a couple of times because I am really not knowledgeable or skillful installing or managing these things but unfortunately I got exactly the same error message... I don't know what else to try I did send them the picture so I would assume that they will get eventually back to me... well I do certainly hope so ...I just wondering if anyone else had the problem and how do they solved it
  5. Probably this was answered a million time, please excuse if that is the case. Is there any update regarding using AES with FSX Steam Edition? I feel kind of silly after spending all the money in credits and after all I can’t use it because I had to change computer and the only choice I had was to install the FSX SE
  6. I am in the process of installing sceneries into the FSX SE on my new computer. Obviously I already installed the AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-LONDON-HEATHROW-XTENDED_FSX-FSXSE without any issue but after rebooting PC open closing sim etc when I try to install the AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-LONDON-HEATHROW-XTENDED_FSX-FSXSE-JETWAY-PATCHI am getting an error message like if I had no installed the AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-LONDON-HEATHROW-XTENDED_FSX-FSXSE I even follow to the aerosoft registration and download the file from there. I don't know what else to do...Please help ...I would appreciate
  7. Thank you. Problem solved
  8. I am interested in exporting the flight plan to my PMDG 777 I am sorrry if I made it sound like WX
  9. I know that this is probably asked many times but I can't find the answer in simple terms and I am getting very confused and frustrated. How do I make the PFPX export the Flight Plans Winds etc to FSX Steam Edition, Thank you in advance for your help
  10. I would appreciate if you could please point me to the correct link to the last update of PFPX. I need to download it and reinstall. I installed the latest version, I thought, and it is a disaster and nothing seem to be working and would like to reinstall. I would sincerely appreciate your help
  11. chusair

    Qualitywings 788 and 789

    I wish that I was so resourceful ... that say I would give it a try
  12. chusair

    QW 787 Performance PFPX

    Sorry I already posted on the AES forum I apologize got carry on with enthusiasm
  13. Could anyone please help me with the configuration for the 788 and 789 from QW I am not sure why this is the only one that doesn't seem to work. I am not blaming AES or QW I just want a solution. Please help
  14. chusair

    QW 787 Performance PFPX

    By the way any idea how to update AES? I truly would appreciate your help