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  1. Same happens here and when I try to configure the throttles through FSUIPC the aircraft starts jumping around with no control at all (I´m using the TCA quadrant)
  2. Hi, thanks this seems to have resolved the issue for me
  3. Hi, thaks for the reply but I don´t use any Ctrl + J jetways since all have been swapped out with GSX2 SODE ones and it works with all of them and with all of my addon sceneries too. Here I have a comparison between sim wings LEPA and sim wings EDDH. Both done with the same AircraftExits.ini.
  4. Hi, just found a potential bug with the SODE jetways at Simwings Balearic Islands professional - Mallorca. The issue is that the jetways do not align correctly, this happens with every aircraft type and every jetway position. As you can see from the screenshot, passengers (gsx lvl2) are in the correct position so no issues with the door config it also works fine with every other addon scenery.
  5. Hi, this might not be something major but recently i noticed that there is something wrong / missing animation with the main entry door on all the crj models (I´m using the CRJ pro but I think this issue is also on the legacy one) . There are these rods connecting the handrails and it seems like they are detached. They move when lowering the handrails to enable jetway operation but I think they are not in the correct position. I attached some pictures where it shows the exact problem. These "rods" should be connected to the lower portion of the handrail assembly where I marked it in the pictures.
  6. Understandable but then the current wing flex is also just a "could be", right ? To be clear, the least thing I want to is an argument here, I´m just referring to my personal experience with the A330 in the sim and in RL and also the community outside of the forums (where it is not that peaceful as here). Since I´m not able to deliver any kind of structural drawings and stuff, I´m just going to gather some reference pictures from the aircraft in RL and from in the sim to compare (with correct camera angle etc.)
  7. I respect Aerosofts standpoint but when this topic was so often discussed already, the developer should start to think why that is and not stand it´s point just becuase they think it´s ok. Just saying.
  8. Hi, like the title say, we need to talk a bit about the AS A330s wingflex. First of all thanks for finally including wingflex in an aerosoft airbus but in my (and probably others) opinion the wingflex is not not sufficient enough. When comparing pictures / videos of an A330-300 vs the AS rendition it becomes quite obvious that the wing does not bend / behave like the real one. Wingflex on the A330 is a very important part, a characteristic feature that in the current version is not completely implemented and should really be improved on. It would be a great thing to see that this beautiful aircraft gets some more love for the exterior and an even more accurate representation of it´s external appearance.
  9. Hi, delete or rename the "EDDF_LIB-Jetways.BGL" in the Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional scenery folder, that fixed it for me
  10. After the update ( the issue is still there.
  11. Prepar3D 2020.01.13 - In the video you can clearly see that when extending the spoilers on the ground they are definetly out of sync (left side deploys much earlier than right side). Also when fullly extended you can see that the final position on the left side is correct and the right side is only approx. 3/4 or a bit more than that deployed. This doesn´t change even when fully deflecting the control surfacs to the left and right. The view position on the right side is the exact same as for the left side just mirrored so this ha nothing to do with the point of view.
  12. Hi, same here thought it was fixed after one of the updates but it´s still present
  13. Hi, I had the same issue with asymmetric spoilers but after i took my last flight under version it seems like everything is working normal now so no asymmetric spoilers anymore (at least on my end)
  14. Same here but happens only sometimes (not on every flight)
  15. It is definetly much more difficult to fly the a330 in the sim than other airbus models but once you got the hang of it it is actually somewhat flyable. Nevertheless I have the same opinion as everyone else here that the controls are not very realistic and i hope this is going to be fixed soon.
  16. Hi, yes to me this happens every time. The only thing that changes is the side on which the spoilers deploy first, sometimes it´s the left side and then all the suddden it´s the right side.
  17. Hi, I noticed an odd behaviour when deploying the spoilers manually (see video) the spoilers on the left side are deploying much faster and earlier than on the right side, also the final position is different in terms of how extended they are if that makes sense. I first noticed this while being on descend on another flight but there it was the right side on which the spoilers deployed first. I don´t know if i´m doing something wrong here but there was no issue with flying the airplane (no roll movement so probably an issue with the animation?). A330 spoilers.mp4
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