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  1. Hello, I have to create again a topic because the other one has been closed before I can answer. Thank you @Tom A320 for your reply. I was indeed aware of this description from simmarket and this is why I asked the question. If you go on the A318/../A321 family page on simarket it is written the same "Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.5.x (the latest version of Prepar3D is always needed". However I own this A318/.../A321 package and it works fantastic on my P3d 4.4. So that's why I am wondering if I have 100% chance to have an issue if I buy AS330 under P3d v4.4 ? Maybe stupid question but in the end it is just because I really like AS products and really look to buy the AS330. Thanks for your help
  2. Hello guys, If we buy AS330 and install it on P3d v4.4 is it 100% sure that it will not work ? I am so willing to buy the 330 but I really don't want to upgrade my P3d v4.4 to v4.5 because it is working perfectly fine as it is with no bugs/CTD in months. Would be amazing to be able to install the 330 even with v4.4 Thanks for your answers Kr Adrien
  3. Hello, Is it possible to get a classic AF livery for the 319, 320, 321 Pro please ? None of them are available on the web and we just have the 318 with it whcih is not a lot... Can't install manually the ex Airbus X AF liveries... Furthermore is it possible to have the 320 sharklets skyteam AF ? F-HEPI for AS pro ?
  4. Hello guys, I just bought AS pro and I am desperatly looking for Air France liveries (none in the download center of AS Pro serie). I have found several liveries of AF on AVsim library but they were intended for the Airbus X serie and when I use the livery manager of AS pro to install them it makes it crash (not responding and quiting). Do you have any tips on what AF liveries are working with the pro serie ? Or how I should install them ? Thanks for your help Adrien
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