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  1. More good news, I contacted the Lorby's Addon Organiser Developer and the latest version (addonorganizer_1_55_b07.zip) has removed the autocorrect feature. Here is a very helpful comment from the Lorby Addon Organiser (P4AO / P5AO) developer regarding the history: "Hello Rhett, Yes, that is a known issue. The latest version of P4AO doesn’t do that automated action anymore. If somebody or something are screwing up their addon references now, they will have to deal with them manually. The core issue is, that you can’t install the Airbu
  2. Hi all, Please note a typo slipped into the above [Package.??] entry for the A330 in P3Dv4. Aerosoft should only have one A (not "AAerosoft") in the TITLE! It should read: [Package.??] PATH=C:\Users\User\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Aerosoft A330 Professional TITLE=Aerosoft A330 Professional ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false Regards, Rhett
  3. Hi RavenKraan, The preferred P3D method of identifying add-ons and their necessary components is by using an add-on.xml file in the P3D add-on folder normally located here: C:\Users\User\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons These addd-on.xml files are then read by P3D and added to a file called add-ons.cfg which contains all the add-ons used and, in the case of scenery addons, the relevant scenery layering number. Unfortunately for some reason, there are two add-ons.cfg files used by P3D, one in each of the following folders: C:\ProgramData\
  4. Hi all, Well I have good (amazing) news for those users who have suffered from this problem. I discovered it after confirming that the root cause also produced some related problems in P3Dv5 (but P3Dv5 seems to have better warning checks to detect the root cause problem when loading the aircraft into the sim). And as I mentioned before, it has absolutely nothing to do with systems, performance and/or settings!! The problem is created when running Lorby's Addon Organiser at any time after installation of the airbuses and running P3D as it automatically moves
  5. Thanks Pablo for the clarification and feedback - much appreciated. This is exactly what I do and it works only for about 1 flight. The next day the problem returns. I am unfortunately so tired of uninstalling and re-installing after every flight! 😞 So disappointed. I have no idea what triggers it but it definitely not performance related as after re installation, it works at the most FPS heavy of airport sceneries without any problems and then the next time it starts flapping again - no matter which airport I try or which scenery settings I apply. Its a real mystery - but sadly it
  6. Dear Developers, After months and months of re-installation after un-installation, I have come to the end of my wits trying to solve this very same problem experienced in the following post (and experienced by other users). I have tried the Aerosoft recommended un-installation and re-installation process more times than I can remember or count. Every time I have disabled the anti virus program (Windows 10 built in), deleted all associated Airbus files as well as the C:\Users\User\Documents\Aerosoft\General folder. Uninstalled PTA, all REX programs, uninstalled and rein
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