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  1. Great work Michael as always. Looking forward to the freight dog.
  2. Yeah I can understand. The devil is always in the details. Something minute. Anyways, tried to provide as much info as possible. IDK if theres any logs of these things that I could provide (or should be looking out for) if it can be of any use? Regardless, hope you can find the root
  3. +1 for modelling of fuel crossfeed levers. I'm enjoying this bird and would love some more control over the fuel management, even if only as an option you have to turn on through a config menu.
  4. Hi, So I had my first "unable to start engine" issue on this addon so far, this is on v1.0.2. It started fine the first leg, starting off via Cold & Dark. However on the second leg / turnaround, I was unable to start Engine #4 following the normal start procedure. N2 Rose, but could not get fuel to catch, so N1 and Exhaust Temp just stayed stagnant and fuel flow did not increase beyond what it reaches during initial startup. Engines #1 to #3 started fine without issues. Eventually the way I got it to work was turning the Fuel Shutoff Switch to On before opening the Start Valve on No.4. Luckily this was on stream so I have video of the whole process. I'll time stamp below the various points for your easy reference: 02h:36m:30s - Starting Engine #4 - Attempt 1 - FAIL ( 02h:39m:10s - Starting Engine #4 - Attempt 2 - FAIL (This time start valve does nothing to N2) ( 02h:42m:10s - Starting Engine #4 - Attempt 3 - SUCCESS / HOT START (This time Fuel Shutoff Switch to ON before engaging the starter/ignition) ( Hope that helps
  5. Awesome livery. Just used it in today's stream. Really well made!
  6. GG. The profile is pretty good. Just used it today for a trip from RJTT to VHHX. Was only 100 lbs off by the end of it. Estimated arrival 17,700lbs and I arrived with 17,600lbs remaining. Enroute it was off by 2000 lbs but made up most of it on approach lol. In case anyone wants to check it out: Also streamed the entire flight today. Fun stuff.
  7. Affirm. Just need to add that in there and all good to go.
  8. Definitely working fine now.
  9. Whoopsies. Glad its just not something messed up on my end (coz those problems are hard to fix). Added the linked file and definitely see smoke now in climb/cruise. Guess we can count this as resolved now? Thanks!
  10. Hi, So I noticed in the aircraft.cfg that there is a DC8_smoke.fx file being called to produce the smoke, however I am unable to find such a file in the "effects" folder of either the Aerosoft DC8 or P3D v4. Could it be this file was missed in the installer? Would explain the lack of black smoke if thats the case. xD
  11. You're damn right it would haha. It's modelled in the A2A Connie and PMDG DC6 and I won't lie, I have gotten myself into trouble coz I forgot to run that check on the ground before takeoff (verify runway heading). But yeah the gauge is very legible and usable. @Ted Zeus Haha. Will be streaming it more this weekend. All questions welcome, I just hope I can answer em. If not we'll bother Michael with those questions.
  12. While we are offering our praises of this lovely aircraft, I really like the inclusion of the standby compass -via mirrors. I like the way you modeled it, in that it looks like an actual reflection that moves about as you move in the cockpit, as opposed to just a 2D gauge. Really shows when you fly this with head tracking software. Its the little things that go a long way.
  13. Ah cool. The more you know.. Yes please. I can see the logic behind it not being there, as engine failures are not modelled so to you it seemed like an unlikely situation, but yeah in the sim moving levers around the wrong way is way too easy Yeah I tried that, but for some reason I couldn't get the fuel to transfer from #1 ALT to #1 MAIN (probably due to some user error), so I decided to change the #1 lever to ALT to directly have ENG1 feed via the ALT instead of through the MAIN. As for getting it back to MAIN, I used the scroll wheel up but instead it went down. Probably should have right clicked instead. Would it be possible to add the direction of movement in the tool tips to help out? e.g. "Left Click: DOWN Right Click:UP"
  14. Hey Michael, Sorry for late replies, been taking a while to recuperate from that marathon of a flight lol. Will try that in the future flights next weekend. I'm positive there is user error involved in it not working during the stream. I definitely need to spend more time with the INS manual As for oscillations, I think I did command steep descents rather quickly, dialing VS down to -1500fpm~1800fpm within seconds. So I guess i'll be more careful and finesse it on future flights and get back to you if it still has oscillations. As for the DME (it doing constant rotations through entire range of possible numbers when no station is tuned in), is that a bug only I am noticing or you are aware of it? Secondly, the transponder being able to go to transponder codes 8 and 9 for each digit - bug or feature? All in all though, i'm pleasantly surprised at both the quality and stability of this addon, so hats off to you and the beta team for that. Was a joy to fly in the little while I got to fly it (except for the fuel imbalance that I created ). Can't wait to spend more time with the bird, and more hand flying next weekend.
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