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  1. Is it possible for anyone to do Northwest Airlink (Mesaba) for P3D V5? Please it was the only one i flew. Managed to get the old one we had going in V4 but now that I upgraded to V5 I can't anymore. Thanks, Robbie
  2. Hello, Just got updated so I figured I'd re-try programming the FMC. I noticed when trying to program KDTW-CYYZ ZETTR3 TANKO APDAX NUBER4, the TANKO transition just won't show up off of the ZETTR3, however all of the other transitions show (DUTEL, ETBOX, SIKBO, KELTI). Also say I program 22L then I switch to 21R the old departure isn't cleared the new one just is added to the beginning of the flightplan. I'm using the CRJ700 V2.4.0.0 in P3DV5 Navigraph AIRAC 2102 I really had hoped that this update had fixed the CRJ because I'm dying to fly it again! Any ideas? Thanks, Robbie
  3. Hello, Is there any way to downgrade to V 2201? because until an update with all of the FMS issues V 2202 is unflyable. Thanks Robbie
  4. Oh yes I also forgot when selecting ILS 06R into CYYZ, the approach gets added like 4 times into the flightplan Robbie
  5. Hello, When programming a route into the FMS (KDTW CYYZ). I get the wrong SID. For example my route was off of 22L ZETTR3 TANKO APDAX NUBER4 on to 06R. When I selected 22L then the ZETTR3 i got the departure routing off of 04R for the ZETTR3. I just updated to V 2202. Any ideas? Or is this a bug? Also re-installing navigraph cycle 2014 didn't work either Thanks Robbie
  6. Hello, When i try to enter more than one step climb on the step climb page I get a "'NOT ALLOWED" message. Is this a bug? Thanks, Robbie
  7. Weird didnt know that would do it Thank you for your help Robbie
  8. Yes this happened at Sunskyjet KPHL. My framerate is set to unlimited. Was controllable in Blueprint DTW but the speed was every now then jumping up to 40 or so which i could press my brake and resume normal taxi. In KPHL I couldn't even stop. Happened during a FNO, which is really not ideal. Sorry for the late reply. Robbie
  9. Hi Hope you’re all staying safe ! Im having some issues with the A320, where during taxi it’ll just randomly accelerate . I know that the airbus hates accusim which i don’t even have installed. I just updated and reinstalled today and updated to V1.3.0.5 following the reinstallation guide hoping that would fix it but no. Any Ideas? Robbie
  10. Same issue here. Mine is so bad that i have a hard time flying.
  11. Also requesting KLM new http://airplanes.itsabouttravelling.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/ph-akb-klm-royal-dutch-airlines-airbus-a330-300-02.jpg and old https://www.flickr.com/photos/11121980/6803040680/ please Thanks Robbie
  12. Please this is the only airline i fly for ! Thanks Robbie
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