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  1. Thanks for your help, I did not know that the climb must always be done at Mach 0.74, really nice, problem solved, thanks
  2. I don't think I'm too heavy, I had set 50 passengers, 1000 kg of luggage, with a ZFW of about 26.0. I always set this data for my flights and I have never had any problems until these last 2 flights. Both flights with 4000 kg of fuel and take-off trim of 6.6. I was trying to reach 33,000 feet, but it got stuck at 29,600.
  3. Hello to all. On my last flights, the CRJ fails to reach cruising altitude. In practice, at a few thousand from the cruising altitude it slows down, rises 100/200 feet / minute until it stops completely without reaching the altitude. Given the above, I carry out the Climb ascent at 290 knots as per procedure. Thank you all.
  4. Hello everyone, is the current version of the CRJ compatible with the latest MSFS update released just now, the SU6? Thank you all
  5. Hello everybody. I have set everything in the Airbus Configurator, but both the speedbrake lever and flap lever do not work. When i move them, nothing happens, neither the speedbrakes nor the flaps are activated. Is there anything else to set besides the settings in the Configurator?
  6. the livery works with Airbus X,but the sharklets not appear,why?
  7. this livery is nice,wonderful,amazing!!! great job man!!!
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