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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. Since you are refusing to reply I assume you just don't give a damn. Thank you for stealing my money and not proving a working product. Delete my account as I want nothing to do with this company.
  2. First off congratulations on the release. The aircraft looks and hand flies great! However, I ran into an issue with the AFCS. I flew into the Hector Intl with the CRJ 550 and selected the ILS 36 KENE (AA) transition which took me through FAR on the ARC starting at DAYAV to WOLUV and onto the approach. I assume the old Pro Line 4 is incapable of NAV to NAV? 2nm from OBTIE I changed the source to LOC1. Once I was on LOC 1 the AP/FD had issues tracking the LOC / GS. It made very large corrections overshooting in both lateral and vertical modes. I gave up on the AP and manually took over the airplane as it started to oscillate plus and minus 1,000 fpm. Is there some sort of setup that I might be missing. I am a PL21 guy and treating the PL4 as a dumbed down 21. So it may be user error. Thank you.
  3. I've seen this on other approaches in this product, especially those with a procedure track. I am not sure of the logic you use for the crossing of waypoints identified as FAF and MAP (ARINC 424 Fx##, MA##, and RW##) but one published solution is TKE (track error) should be less than 15 degrees and cross-track should be less than 0.3nm. The FAF and MAP shouldn't just be behind the jet but you have crossed that point within a certain window. I'll try flying it again as it is a short route. Thank you, -Ken
  4. Depart KACK RWY 6 Flight Plan ACK V141 BOS Arrive KBOS Altitude 12,000' Appx DUNKK ATC advised expect vectors ILS 33L KBOS Followed Rockwell Collins recommended procedures for loading ILS 1. DEP ARR function key – push. 2. LSK (adjacent to the approach for the desired airport) – push. 3. Push the LSK next to the desired approach under the APPROACHES list. The selected approach shows in large green font and the selected transition under the TRANS title, VECTORS shows in large green font (default). --Selected ILS33L and VECTORS 4. Push the LSK for the desired STAR. The selected STAR shows in large green font.-- NA 5. Push the LEGS function key on the CDU to show the ACT/MOD LEGS page. 6. Make sure that the flight plan is correct on the CDU and MFD, then push the EXEC function key to execute the flight plan. When the flight plan accepts the change, the MOD annunciation changes to ACT. ATC vectored the aircraft over the BOS VOR so the approach was overflown descending from 12,000' to 3,000' once I realized the FMS sequenced to the Missed Approach I reloaded the approach following the above steps. Legs remained in Missed Approach and I selected Direct to BENNN. FMS caused a CTD at that time.
  5. Mathijs, Clearly, as both posts went up exactly 21 hours ago something happened. Promise I only hit post once. Not sure why it double posted, please delete the redundant and unnecessary second post. SIM: P3Dv4.2 OS: Windows 10 Pro 1709 (Build 16299.125) Flight Plan: KACK ACK V141 KBOS ILS 33L VECTOR After crossing the BOS VORDME ATC vectored me back for the ILS 33L, FMS already sequenced to the missed approach, when I tried to reload the ILS 33L approach and sequence the legs BENNN COHAS the sim became unresponsive and CTD. This is repeatable and has happened on all versions. This seems to happen on all STAR and approaches if you change the STAR or Approach it causes a CTD. AppCrashView does not seem compatible with W10 as it shows 0 crashes. I checked the event viewer and it is crashing in a method that is not creating a report. P3D will state (Not Responding) the application will turn a ghost-like color and eventually dump me back into W10. As I stated above this is consistent and repeatable. All I have to do is change a STAR or APPROACH in the FMS and it will cause a crash. Flying other products into the same airport does not seem to cause this problem.
  6. FMS CTD changing flightplan after loading an approach is still present.
  7. FMS CTD changing flightplan after loading an approach is still present.
  8. Problem with the FMS with RNAV approaches. I load an approach and ATC vectors me for downwind. The FMS incorrectly senses flying by the MAP and sequences to the missed approach, if I attempt to load the approach again the FMS causes a CTD. If I try to DIR to the FAF the FMS remains stuck in the missed approach. Once this happens the FMS is now stuck in a loop. Once this loop has started even exiting out of P3D eventually causes the computer to lockup. The MAP should be a flyover waypoint, not a fly by. Flying a radar downwind should never cause the FMS to sequence to the missed approach. This is explained in the FMS's technical specifications, not only just an overflight, but you must approach within a specific lateral window, i.e. flying outbound over the MAP does not cause the sequence to the missed approach. Loading another approach into the FMS should not cause P3D to CTD. Selecting DIR to the FAF should not cause a cascade failure that eventually locks up the entire OS.
  9. Thank you for the response. I read through the documentation and made sure to set up my controls per the document. I also tried default, but I can try it again. I was considering deleting my FSUIPC5.ini file and letting it rebuild. Not sure if that would help.
  10. After trying multiple times with my Saitek ProFlight Yoke and Throttle, I finally got some control. At first, the throttles were jumping around so I replaced the quad with a spare I had laying around. I was then unable to get the throttles to sit at idle and found out that I had to tell FSUIPC that it needed some reverse range. Just a little bit and now I can set the throttles to idle. However, the manual range is only about the lower 25% of the throttle range with the FADEC controlled being mapped to a range from 26% to 100% throttle. I have tried all of the settings in the CRJ Manager, Default, FSUIPC w/o reverse, and FSUIPC w/ reverse and I am unable to detect any difference. I have calibrated in W10 and I get very smooth and consistent response. Same in FSUIPC, smooth response. It is very perplexing and I really would like more than 25% of the throttle to be dedicated to manual throttle control.
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