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  1. Since you are refusing to reply I assume you just don't give a damn. Thank you for stealing my money and not proving a working product. Delete my account as I want nothing to do with this company.
  2. First off congratulations on the release. The aircraft looks and hand flies great! However, I ran into an issue with the AFCS. I flew into the Hector Intl with the CRJ 550 and selected the ILS 36 KENE (AA) transition which took me through FAR on the ARC starting at DAYAV to WOLUV and onto the approach. I assume the old Pro Line 4 is incapable of NAV to NAV? 2nm from OBTIE I changed the source to LOC1. Once I was on LOC 1 the AP/FD had issues tracking the LOC / GS. It made very large corrections overshooting in both lateral and vertical modes. I gave up on the AP and manually took over the airplane as it started to oscillate plus and minus 1,000 fpm. Is there some sort of setup that I might be missing. I am a PL21 guy and treating the PL4 as a dumbed down 21. So it may be user error. Thank you.
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