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  1. Thank you for your post mopperle, I think is important that the step-by-step guide would be updated simultaneously with the current development status - I know that is easy to say-. For people who is using your Airbus for many years, we can deal with it. But If I get into the skin of a new user, I would find it confusing and a bit disconcerting.
  2. Hello, I thought the approach in this tutorial was EGLL ILS27L: Descend Managed Mode and Managed Speed / AP 1+2 Autoland. But following the steps I found this: Page 63: In our case because EGLL ILS 04L allows only CAT 1 landings we will use both autopilots but will make no “autoland”. Pg 65: Passing 4.0 DME we now must reduce our speed to our final landing speed. To do this press the Speed knob and the will automatically reduce speed to managed speed, which in our case will be around 129kt. I read that the checklist from the manual, and the FMCU, don't match and needs to be updated. Maybe this needs to be updated too, just asking. Thank you and best regards Jordi
  3. Connected Flight Deck and dynamic light would be nice, also the integration of the GTN units. There is a topic closed a year ago, with many people interested in the integration of the GTN units in the VC. The fee I think is not a problem.
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