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  1. I didn't know the SAM was required, my fault. Now it's working OK Thank you very much for your early reply Heinz. Greetings Jordi
  2. Hello, Here you have a couple of screenshots and the log. Greetings, Jordi Log.txt
  3. Hello, I just downloaded the 1.1 version from the store. Now we have the PAPI lights, but the rest of the airport just disapeared. I downloaded and reinstalled 2 times, just in case; and I dont have any other Barcelona scenery installed. Can someone check it out, please?
  4. Thank you for the replay Heinz. Looking forward for the update.
  5. Hello, I know that this can be an issue with P3D, but not with the Xplane 11. The thing is that there are not PAPI lights in LEBL. 1st time this happen with Xplane 11, the one from JustSim show them without problems. Greetings Jordi Greetings Jordi
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