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  1. Things seems good now and the avalibilty is 48 hours starting at 06 OK
  2. Before Its was giving each 06 hours !
  3. Sorry the misunderstanding I am talking about provider :" WAFC whasington " for WIND DATA Thanks and sorry for my english
  4. Bonjour . I am enable to download WXONLINE. My last weather from WAFC whasington is observed on 0600 z on 12th vaid btil 14th 0600z merci
  5. Thanks I have already done it but it is not work Thanks
  6. Bonjour a tous . for technical reasons , I have to lmit my maximun flight level for all flights For exemple for B 737 NG , the maximun FL it's FL410. I want to reduce it to FL 370 into the "Aircraft Data base" for a while Thanks for reply
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