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  1. Wow air A330-343 TF-GAY would be awesome! https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8508830
  2. Any possibility that you could make this wow air a321 livery?
  3. Hi Holgi! I've been searching for the wow air livery for the airbus x extended can i request a wow air airbus a321 livery ? (for the airbus x extended)
  4. Hi. As you guys know Wowair has few a321's now, both with sharklets and without. So i'd be really happy to seem any wowair a321 type here! so please do a wowair 321 (with or without sharklet) Thank you!!
  5. Hi Holgi!

    Could you paint this Iceland express for the pmdg 737-700wl for FSX?

    I'd be so happy!! :boingy_s:

    Here's a picture of it http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/136280/g-strf-iceland-express-boeing-737-700/

    Thank you!!! :))

    Best Regards,

    Tomas Arnar.

  6. Hi Holgi! I've been searching everywhere for an Iceland express livery for the pmdg 737-700wl for FSX ... I'd be so happy if you could paint that.. Iceland express was retired in 2012 and is now operated by wowair I flew many times on iceland express and i want to bring up some memories by flying it again on FSX! here is a picture of it: http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/136280/g-strf-iceland-express-boeing-737-700/ So, If you could i'd be very thankful! Thank you Best Regards, Tomas Arnar
  7. can someone please paint the wowair (LZ-WOW) the current wowair livery, I would be very Thankful! COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL DELETED. SUCH POSTS, IF REPEATED, WILL LEAD TO A BAN FROM THE FORUM. Best wishes Thomas
  8. Hi Holgi! i just want to ask you if you could paint this wowair here for the airbus x extended! Thank you! Best wishes Thomas
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