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  1. Yes, use the classic option 1; this should save time and effort. Agree with Tom A320.
  2. Thank you, might go for this option. Cheers.
  3. Hi folks, I'm still using FSX alongside P3Dv4. If I decide to buy e.g. EDDF for both, should I buy the FSX version + the P3Dv4 upgrade? If I buy the p3Dv4 version, is there a "downgrade fee" version for FSX? Or does the Professional version also include the FSX version? Thanks for any answer.
  4. P3Dv4 version did not show up this morning, now it's there . Thank you.
  5. Radios work perfectly now, thank you very much indeed!
  6. Hi Mathijs, the new ASC.dll works fine on all variants on my side - bell rings properly. Also, the CTD/Breakpoint issue when pulling the levers seems to be gone - didn't happen again. Thank you very much!
  7. Thank you very much for looking into these issues.
  8. Same here. And when both fire levers have been pulled, a few seconds after the engines shut down I get either with a CTD or a message "Breakpoint A Breakpoint has been reached."
  9. I can confirm this problem is still present in v1.22. The typo gauge098= is still there (in panel.cfg for calypso & ausblackcat, not in the dutch variant) and DME & ADF don't work on any civilian variant. Also, the "Oh no, that's not the right aircraft!" message still pops up when loading one of the two midway variants.
  10. Hi folks, just uninstalled FSX for a complete reinstall. Noticed "FSX\fonts" folder could not be deleted as the font "IRS____.ttf" was still in use (which turned out to be installed by this plane). Also, there is a shortcut (not the font) in "C:\windows\fonts\IRS Standard" linked to it. I only managed to get them deleted by starting Win7 64 in safe mode with command prompt. Is there a more elegant way/fix to solve this problem? Thank you very much.
  11. Hi repaid21, unfortunately it has nothing to do with UAC or permissions. It must be an error in the V1.2 FULL package. I remember having sent files to aerosoft support regarding this issue without getting any answers. I got rid of this issue by uninstalling V1.2 FULL (beware - your other missions might be affected afterwards), then installing V1.11 FULL plus the V1.2 UPDATE. Not sure if you can still get V1.11 though...
  12. Did some flying in Iceland and Keflavik last weekend and I must say I'm impressed! Iceland X can keep you busy for weeks hopping around all the airfields and lonely places, while Keflavik is a good base and great for oversea flights to busier places in the world. I had no frame drops at all at any time, neither by day or night. With the discount available, both products are a bargain and I'm happy that the launcher is optional. Excellent job, Thorsten!
  13. Can't find V1.20 either. In the support section I can only find an "Update / Full new build version 1.11" entry plus various fixes. In my account there are only V1.11 files listed as well.
  14. Well, thanks for your comments... there's been a lot of talk about the whole launcher thing and the issues since it was introduced... I can accept your point of view and I would even agree to implement that on download products - but not on boxes. Other publishers use various online registration procedures (which I avoid as well), but most tend to sell their boxes without them (so I buy their boxes). I'm not so keen on GAF 11 that I would allow a launcher on my PC - my personal "stress test" was to successfully avoid Stuttgart X... box... ;-) I waited for Keflavik X to be released to see if it has the launcher... it hasn't - so I bought it together with Iceland X
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