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  1. Hi there, I did a google search and was looking to find answers in the forums but have failed - so I now write this post. I'd like to know if it's planned (or maybe even already available and I simply missed it in the NDP AIRAC app?) to also provide cycles for MSFS 2020. Thanks!
  2. Aaand I already found the possible culprit. I apparently had no idea I did this but had two instances of LEPA installed. Thus it resolved itself. Sorry and thanks for your help!
  3. Hi! I will check all that and report back. I remember I approached 06L during night time and Papi was existent there. Will check thoroughly though and report back!
  4. Hi there, I jsut did the VOR 06R approach and according to the NDP charts there should have been a slope indicator on the right end of the runway but there was none on my end. Could they be missing or is it rather a scenery issue? Thanks!
  5. I am experiencing the same issue with the .10 update. It started on GND before refuelling and appeared around 8:40 into the flight when fuel lvl was below 16 tons total
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