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  1. First thing I would do is to turn the bathymetry in water details off. Bruno
  2. Bruno

    Fire Test

    Yes it is also like this in P3Dv5 in all the Airbus Types? Testet the A320 / A330 the APU and Engine Fire test just makes a little "pip" and thats it!? Bruno
  3. are you using ezdoc camera if so click the taxi fix in the motion menue Bruno
  4. Patrick I have the safeline Throttle console. Here a pictiure from a other user It's the one in front It's old like hell, but still useable via widefs and a old laptop with win98! regards Bruno
  5. Hi Guys ok, thanks I found the problem! I normaly use a throttle console with key commands and no joystick axis! To make a long story short, after I disabled the joystick axis in FS and restarting the sim everything is working now. regards Bruno
  6. Hi Airbus Pilot's I have a qustion about the Autothrottle System and the Takeoff. I can't get the System to work! TOGA button has no effect! Ok, I select on the N1 computer ToFlex or TO Turn the ATS system on, then should I be able to select N1 on the autopilot! Or not? On my plane it's simlpy a no go! Could anybody give me a hand with this? I must have a large user error somewhere Many thanks Bruno
  7. Hallo Thomas Danke für die prompte Antwort. Gruss Bruno
  8. Hallo nun ich habe mir das tool zugelegt und es funktioniert eigentlich alles wies soll, bis auf das ich meine daten nicht sichern kann. Die Custom settings sollte ja automatisch gespeichert werden. Nicht bei mir, nach jedem Programmstart fange ich wieder von vorne an. Die TSR.ini wird irgendwie nicht geschrieben. Nur bei mir so? Oder was ist hier falsch. Danke Bruno
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