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  1. Tom i think you misunderstood Heigo here. Nobody ever said that the livery MUST be part of the original installer. The fact was that the original design files (as in the ones that were used by the actual airline to paint the real aircraft) were provided to AS a long time ago however there wasn't any response from Aerosoft. These could've been easily distributed to the right people (eg: Holgi) that could've used them to create the liveries. It's not very often that sim-repainters can get the chance to work with actual design files provided by the airline itself. Could've, should've, would've... anyway let us move on and await for Nicolas or somebody to make these beautiful repaints!
  2. We need this!!! That is the most beautiful livery on ANY CRJ to be honest (OK i admit - being Estonian i'm biased but nonetheless). Also the Nordica CRJ7 needs to be done!
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