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  1. Hi Oliver " SUCCESS" Extremely grateful for your assistance, its been driving me nuts for ages. Respect Jack
  2. Hi Oliver Done as you suggested, see screenshots, still no Jetways? Jack
  3. Hi Oliver There is the BGL file in the scenery folder an there does not appear to be an AFCAD file above Sim Wings in scenery folder. The screenshot shows SODE When I apply sode jetways appear but when I Unable sode there are no Jetways. As you can see from the screenshots I have four monitors, the Sim displays on the bottom three. The system is MOTHERBOARD ASUS Z£() TUF GAMING PLUS CPU i9 9900K3.6-5.0 Gh GRAPHICS
  4. Hi Oliver C/ P3D Addons/Sim-Wings London Heathrow Professional V5 P3d Ver 5 is in a separate folder on c drive. Jack
  5. Hope you can help, I appear to have no Jetways in Heathrow Version for P3d5. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times with no joy. The program has been installed in P3d ver 5 addons folder. Thanks in anticipation Jack
  6. Thanks Querer I did as you suggested in your post and manually put the path in the add-ons.cfg in P3D ver 5 folder and low and behold its is now recognised, thanks. As an aside looked in P3D ver 4.5 add-ons.cfg and it shows [Package.0] PATH=C:\Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional V5 TITLE=Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional V5 ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false [Package.1] PATH=C:\Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional TITLE=Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false Obviously something amiss Jack
  7. Hi It does give you the option to register with the sim and the end of the installation which I answer Yes but it is not recognised in the sim. It just shows defult EGLL. I open config .exe in file and it shows X in box on flash screen. Querer you did mention this in another post .Do I copy the update into Ver5 heathrow folder? Thanks Jack
  8. Hi Thanks to you both for replying, Yes I downloaded the Version 5 from my account and obviously used the installer from that download and I don't understand why I should start from from the config. exe after I have installed the download? Can't understand why P3dver5 does not know where the Heathrow ver5 file is . after using the Ver 5 installer. Thanks Jack
  9. P3d ver 5 dosen't recognize New Version for Heathrow, installed into C:/ P3D ver 5 Addon folder as per installer but it is not showing in Airport Scenery File all that is there is the Default Airport. Have tried installing in another drive on my computer with no joy. I do not have a problem with the Airport in P3D Ver 4.5. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jack
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