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  1. Many thanks Oliver for sorting this out :). Jan
  2. Thanks for the re-assurance :). I have now downloaded the fix and everything is fine. I was cautious enough not to use the config tool before. @OPabst it would be good if you could double check internally to ensure the new installer indeed gets uploaded to the shop. Jan
  3. Hi Oliver, sorry to bother you. I just downloaded the installer, and the file info says the installer is from March 7, 14:00 CET. Before I go ahead and install this, are you sure the installers are updated and uploaded in the shop? The file should have a different date shouldn't it? Thanks, Jan
  4. Many thanks Heinz. Just to report back: The scenery now works flawlessly. Many thanks for your help. Jan
  5. Many thanks Mario. Incidentally, Svalbard4XPlane has the JSGME tool included. So I just used that, and it worked flawlessly. Many thanks for the hint. Thanks, Jan
  6. Thanks for that hint. However, I had not and did not plan to install W2XP because with XP11.11+ this shouldn't really be necessary? I think XP11.10 overhauled all objects, in particular in Europe, thus at least for me I don't see the need for additional models. It may solve this particular conflict, but I'd rather have a lean XP installation and wait for the models from the developer :). But in any case, many thanks for the tip :). Jan
  7. Many thanks Marten for the quick reaction. Highly appreciated. Merry Xmas Jan
  8. Many thanks Heinz. Looking forward to the update :). Merry Christmas, Jan
  9. Good morning, I'd like to use the seasonal textures for Vaeroy XP. The manual recommends "a" seasonal plugin. Now, there are a few of those. I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a particular one (that is up to date and being maintained, ideally :)). Thanks, Jan
  10. As a follow-up: I did find the manual now. It may have been too early this morning so I didn't spot it :). I also did a re-download and re-install of the scenery because somehow all files seem to be duplicate after the extraction - I might have extracted the archive twice - so, presumably my bad. That said, the issue with the missing resources remains. So any help there would be appreciated :). Thanks, Jan
  11. Good morning, after installing Svalbard4XPlane and starting X-Plane I get an error message that the scenery could not be loaded correctly and the following entries in the log.txt (I only copied the last entries, there are a lot more with similar missing objects in the same referenced folder above these lines): 0:00:59.718 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - Svalbard - ENSB/Earth nav data/+70+010/+78+015.dsf: 0:00:59.718 E/SCN: Unable to locate object: objects/industrial/EU/IND33.88x84.76.obj 0:00:59.718 E/SCN: Failed to find resource 'objects/industrial/EU/IND27.10x19.00.obj', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - Svalbard - ENSB/'. 0:00:59.718 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - Svalbard - ENSB/Earth nav data/+70+010/+78+015.dsf: 0:00:59.718 E/SCN: Unable to locate object: objects/industrial/EU/IND27.10x19.00.obj I can't find a folder "objects/industrial/EU" in my X-Plane folder(s). Neither in the actual scenery folder for Svalbard nor anywhere else. Also, where would one have to copy the extra livery folder for the B200? I assume you would only have to do this when you have the Carenado B200? In addition, there is no documentation on the mod tool for copying the winter textures. Again, one will have to assume where to copy what. Also, there are two "JGSME.exe" files (the other one is named "JGSME_1.exe"). I would assume it's just a duplicate, but then again, who knows... Any help is appreciated. And as a hint, a documentation / manual would be nice, but perhaps I overlooked it? Thanks, Jan
  12. Just to report back. Although there is a new version of FreeMesh X available (2.0), this is merely a convenience update with a new installer. It doesn't change anything re the actual mesh. So, I went ahead and de-activated tile "N30W010.bgl" in the \FreeMeshX\FreeMeshX - Europe\scenery folder. That did the trick as well. Again, many thanks @mopperle Jan
  13. Ah, that's a good advice. Will do that :). Thanks Jan
  14. Thank you @mopperle. I think I may have found the culprit: FreeMesh X. I temporarily deactivated the European mesh and now the scenery loads - albeit very, very late. Since there is a new version of FreeMesh X available, I will further test with that before wasting any of your time. I don't have a traffic add-on. And the scenery only looks blurry because I zoomed in a lot :). My specs should be ok (i4790K/1080ti) Attached screenshots with the fixed scenery. I'll report back after I tested FreeMesh X 2.0 Thanks again, Jan.
  15. Thanks both for your quick answer. @Mathijs Kok Yep, scenery complexity is at extremely dense. @mopperle: It happens during daytime as well. See new screenshots attached. Also a screenshot of my scenery library. What's interesting is that there seem to be some gates that are visible and parts of the actual scenery (the run-up area of the runway) and some adjacent taxiways. The rest seems to be a blurry overlay of something. Again, thanks for any help you can provide. Jan
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