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  1. Hi there, thanks a lot. That did the trick. All good now. Jan
  2. Hi there, to follow up on this thread, I have a similar issue in ENVA in that basically all SODE elements are missing (red crosses). I attach the log file as previously requested. Perhaps we can track down the issue. SODE version is 1.7.1 Thanks, Jan SODE.log
  3. Hi Jo, I have the same issue. Just installed ENGM into P3Dv5 (HF1) afresh, ran the config tool in admin mode and activated all SODE options, and I do have those double jetways (albeit not on all positions; seems very erratic). I also suspect an issue with GSX interfering here (or the AFCAD?), because the plane is not aligned correctly with the parking position (in my case Gate 16), so SODE doesn't actually work because it can't reach the plane's door (FSLabs A320 here). In any case, attached are two screenshots for illustration. Hope that helps tracking the issue. Let m
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