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  1. Gents, I reached out to support via a ticket and received a prompt reply acknowledging the issue and confirming that it is already being worked on. Don’t know what I would do without PFPX...
  2. https://www.aviationweather.gov/ Is up again. Is anyone from the PFPX development team looking into this?
  3. Same here and https://www.aviationweather.gov/ is down as well hmmm
  4. Solution found! these five files are the culprits: eddf_fsx_rwy-north.bgl eddf_fsx_rwy-north-T.bgl eddf_fsx_rwy-south-T.bgl eddf_fsx_rwy-west.bgl eddf_fsx_rwy-south.bgl ---------------------------- Luckily i had a backup of the old one, and so I removed the 5 .bgl above and used the same files but with fs9 in the file name and the problem was solved!!!!
  5. Wie immer hat der Oliver recht Problem sind diese 5 .bgl: eddf_fsx_rwy-north.bgl eddf_fsx_rwy-north-T.bgl eddf_fsx_rwy-south-T.bgl eddf_fsx_rwy-west.bgl eddf_fsx_rwy-south.bgl ---------------------------- ich habe die gleichen files aber mit fs9 in dem namen von der version vor dem update probiert und mit denen ist das problem geloest!
  6. Hat das jetzt was mit AES zu tun oder nicht? Ich moechte bitte wieder den alten intaller so lange das night geloest wird...da das jetzt so nicht geht.
  7. Warum sind die 25L/07R und 25R/07R jetzt im FS2004 richtig komisch beleuchtet? Seit dem update!!! Passiert nur nachts...dieses problem gibt es auf der westbahn nicht! Hat auch nichts mit AES zu tun...hab auch schon ohne AES versucht aber nachts immer noch das gleiche problem.
  8. Can we pass this on to the devs? I am hoping for a quick fix!!
  9. Is das eventuell wegen den AES wasser textures oder so? Wie kann ich das problem loesen? Nacht landungen auf meinem lieblings airport sind jetzt ziemlich schwer geworden
  10. Installed the MAF X update for FS2004 yesterday, and now my night textures for the runway 25R/07L, 25L/07R and have become completely blurred! This needs a fix pronto!
  11. habe gestern das MAF X FS2004 update installiert! Und jetzt schaut euch mal die runway textures an!!!! Das brauch auf jeden fall einen fix!
  12. Sent the guy who according to the website handles all their aiports an email a week back and no reply. And under contacts it states that for qeuestions regarding support and patches i should contact aerosoft support. So what to do???? BTW i read your last email and tried that what you told me to do. Result is not one single plane parked at EDDF anymore or flying from or to the airport as there no longer is a valid AFCAD for the aiport so there is something wrong with BR2_EDDF.bgl ??????? Leo
  13. Sadly this didnt change anyting. I sent you a email witht the details Shaun. This has become a joke now. I have provided all the info. necessary and but I am told you dont have the same issue. Which i DO NOT understand since I have the installed from my account and if there is a new one (anyone care to upload it?) Now am I the only one? Nope. Check out this thread. http://www.flugsimulation.ch/forum/showthread.php?p=534086 About 20 pics all showing MAF 2008. At various gates you will see the offset of the planes parked. There is only 1 problem with it. The AFCAD is WAY OFF on certain spo
  14. Sadly this didnt change anyting. I sent you a email witht the details Shaun. 3 Weeks since i started the topic. No solution so far. Leo
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