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  1. Oh Dave, what a Freudian slip. I can't blame you, though. I have a feeling we both made similar mods to the A320 series' views. Why snap, pan and xyz adjust were disabled, I have no idea. And F9 should return to Virtual Cockpit and nothing else, IMO. But that's what's great about CFG... modify and thou shall be rewardest.
  2. This is an interesting topic for at least one reason: we understand why people pirate payware but, regarding freeware and paints, is it really too much to ask for someone to get permission from the original author to modify or goof around with something? It costs nothing to send a simply email (and takes several seconds) to ask permission from somebody. I wonder what the reservation is?
  3. The other distinction that I think is important to make is that every modern commercial airliner is a complete piece of crap... but only from the typical perspective of a poor soul flying in economy (lots of us). It's why the CRJ thread sometimes has people denigrating it so bad... because many of us have only had experience with a particular aircraft while crammed in the back of economy next to the head, seated in between two fat sweaty clowns that just ran across the entire terminal trying to catch their connection to Las Vegas. Cramped seating, awful food if you even get served, rude security and airline personnel (but that pale in comparison to the numbers of the rude, entitled, flying public), etc don't take away from the accomplishments of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, et. al., having engineered a marvelous, tech-filled tube that jets us across the sky to anywhere in the world in hours, not days, weeks, months, or even years as was the case only a 150 years ago (while half of your family died of dysentery in the back of a covered wagon). It is hard to separate that type of experience, which is mostly an interaction with the airline and not the manufacturer and its thousands of subcontractors. So sure, laymen would wonder why we'd want to simulate flying one of these machines when it's understandably hard to parse the magic of modern commercial aviation from a typical consumer's experience.
  4. I hope you're kidding. If not, you need to adjust your monitor. The rework looks drastically better.
  5. I recall this issue being addressed directly: the photoreal for the entire island was prohibitively expensive. I haven't tried but if you use X-Plane, try OrthoXP and see if free ortho (try Bing) does the trick...
  6. It's been a while since I flew the Aerosoft busses but I thought they already did this. When you save a flight, the Airbus saved both its panel and FMC states and would pick up right where it left off, a la the PMDG panel serialization. The only thing I recall with the Airbus being different is that you had to move the throttles back to the proper detent but that was it...
  7. Jo, was this fixed in the latest update? I haven't had time to check (I wiped P3D due to the hotfix)... Thanks again.
  8. So not only did you fix it but you responded in 5 minutes?? Lol, awesome, thank you. Curious, though, how big of a deal is changing the map intensity, i.e. how much arm twisting will it take to get FSDT to fix KIAH (I saw that thread because I have that airport as well)?
  9. Jo, could you take a look at the runway and taxiway night textures when Dynamic Lighting is on? There's a pretty intense "moire" effect or, rather, thousands of pixels gyrating about if you move, whether it be the aircraft, the eyepoint, or simply panning around the cockpit. The best way to describe it is sort of like "TV snow," when you lose reception. I'd attach a screenshot but it'd really take a video to show it properly, and I'm not that savvy. The instant you turn of dynamic lighting, the effect goes away (but then so do my PMDG landing lights). You can find what I think may be a thread about a similar issue over at FSDT regarding KIAH in P3Dv4 (check here). If it is indeed the same issue, then it must mean that there's some materials technique that dynamic lighting doesn't play well with... Beautiful work either way!
  10. That last one can easily be flown in slew mode. RW pilots just hit the Y key on their MCDUs. Also, easier in Airbuses due to the sidestick.
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