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  1. This website hasn't worked for me in months. I had figured they shut it down. Just tried again and it doesn't appear to be working. Anyone else?
  2. Bah humbug, that looks like a retro livery.
  3. Agreed. I think developers do tend to practice "co-opetition" and thus communicate when they can and when they think it's appropriate. And I figured Jarrad would've known that Gianni was working on this and, while that didn't stop JustSim, I'm surprised Jarrad moved ahead. But who knows what, if anything, was going on behind the scenes. But yeah, it does get a bit annoying when developers double- or triple-team on certain airports or areas meanwhile when others are totally neglected. I'm with ya on that.
  4. Wow. There's ORBX and then there's Jarrad Marshall ORBX.
  5. Air Seychelles is already listed under the -200 but I guess since we still don't know for sure if Aerosoft is including the -200 initially, I'd vote for a fictional -300 in Air Seychelles. It's simply one of the best looking paints out there (And I think Business Insider also voted it as much).
  6. Thanks Mathijs. Good to see Aerosoft updating the scenery that uses SODE; SODE has shown a lot of potential and it looks like it's realizing much more of it with the latest version...
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