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  1. A similar issue, the checklist on my A333 stops after ground clearance for engine start is given and the pilot says "OK". I have reinstalled, with or without virus checking, but the same issue remains. My other Aerosoft airbus checklists , non A330, work normally and progress through without problems.
  2. I am running Acceleration. I have again completely removed the Twotter pack and Missions pack and reinstalled. On their own the Twotters install and run without trouble. After installing the mission pack, the "new" mission Twotters will not run, in a mission or not, without the "wrong plane" message being displayed. This can be fixed by running the sound update downloaded from Aerosoft, but this should not be required as I only bought the mission pack a few days ago. Only the first and last missions work as missions. The others load with a briefing screen but do not proceed as missions. I have tried everything I can think of, so I think that is as much time as I can spend on it.
  3. Thanks Mathijs, for your help. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled both the twin Otters and the mission pack at least four times in an attempt to cure this problem. I downloaded a different (I dont know if it is later) sound file from the Aerosoft update site which seems to have cured the "Oh no wrong plane" message..surely this should not be right as I only bought/downloaded the packs a few days ago from the FSpilot shop. They would only be able to sell the latest, I would have thought? It has not cured the fact that only the first and last of the Twotter missions work as missions ie there is no ATC chatter or compass etc and no briefing screen if I try to exit the mission, although there is a briefing screen at the beginning of each mission. I would like to get them working but I have spent two whole afternoons trying and getting nowhere, and I generally do know what I am doing with FS and computers, but I am a bit stumped now.
  4. I have a similar problem with the twin Otter mission pack. Last weekend I read a review of the Twin Otter mission pack, which I liked, so I bought the Twotter pack and the mission pack, both of which I assume are the latest versions (bought by download from FSpilot shop). Once installed if I try to run some missions I get the "Oh no, wrong aircraft" message while other missions do not start as missions at all, just as flights. That is if you click on "fly now" on the briefing screen you are taken to the aircraft but there is no ATC contact and if you try to exit you are not taken back to the briefing screen as you should be. I have tried reinstalling after a diligent and deep uninstall of anything to do with the Twotters or missions, a few times, and the result is the same. Very frustrating and unsatisfactory. Is there an obvious fix for this or should I just forget the missions? FSX Acceleration, 4.6Ghz CPU, 580GTX GPU, 8Gb DDR3 ram, Windows 7 64bit
  5. As I said ,I have done that,and read all the notes.I am used to much more easily followed instructions. The designer notes start with "This mission is surely the most complex and challenging airrace available for FS " and then gives very little info on what actually happens and what you are supposed to do.. and as for that map !! OK, you can stooge around following the others, but please make it much clearer. thanks John
  6. I read the briefing scipts before I tried the mission and found it of little help.Perhaps my 60 odd years of professional aero engineering are catching up with me. I will give it a miss, life is too short! John
  7. The crash happens with my system after the second piece of dialogue, when I press a key, eg shift /s, to enter the aircraft I get the "busy" cursor and then the "program has stopped working " message. Re. the pylons .They do appear with texture but only when I am nearly at them, which is very unrealistic, and also I am not really sure what I am supposed to be doing. At one point a timer (for qualifying I presume) started for no apparent reason, then stopped at 17.4,again for no reason ( I was nowhere near the, by then vanished, pylons.) There are no instructions about which gate of the pylons to go through to start or finish, what altitude is required, how many laps have to be flown....etc, so really I am completely confused and much clearer instructions would be appreciated. John
  8. I have exactly the same problem as Steve.The Black Forest Rall(e)y mission starts OK, but after about 10 seconds FSX crashes. I have tried it about 5 times with the same result. In the Monaco mission the aircraft have no texture and the pylons are not visible, which makes the mission somewhat impossible! I am a little bit frustrated as these are the first two missions I tried. I am using FSX sp1 and Vista 64bit. On another tack, before I bought the full mission pack, I had a go at the demo and no matter how softly I tried to get down,with gear up or down,I was told I had crashed and the mission had failed.Is there some way of landing with a wheel up or on the belly of the plane without triggering the "crash" scenario? AMD FX 64 4000 GTS 8800 2Gb ram John
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