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  1. ok, so the answer is - no upgrade deals will be given, right? I must admit, I don't have insights into the work of the developers but let's take a look at the development time of the CRJ for FSX/P3D which was like - 5+ years? And for MSFS, they take one year to rebuild completely. Frankly doesn't seem to be realistic, unless they suddenly have a team five times bigger which we all know they don't. The same for a lot of the airports - looking at how many airports these teams at Aerosoft, Flytampa and so on created normally in a year for FSX/P3D and how quickly these are released for M
  2. Hello, I am sure this question has been asked before, but a search revealed no results for me - are there no upgrade prices for products like the CRJ or airports like Cologne or Berlin for those who bought these for P3D? After all, theses products must be heavily based on the P3D versions, otherwise there is no way, that so many products could be brought to the new platform so quickly. So I thought there would always be upgrade prices if a product update shares the same "base". best regards Adrian
  3. Hallo, seit geraumer Zeit sieht bei mir das EFP so aus wie auf dem Bild und reagiert auf keinerlei Druck/Tastatureingabe. Ich bin bei Navigraph eingeloggt über den Configurator. Besten Dank und Grüsse Adrian
  4. sorry, wrong section, I'll reopen it in the other section
  5. Will EDDS ever be upgraded for P3DV5 officially? As a paying customer, I must say I find this very unsatifactory...
  6. I have some problems with the A330 in P3Dv5. I have had this while taxing but also after liftoff: I was in external view and switched back to cockpit to prepare for takeoff. The aircraft was moving slowly. Suddenly, it run away uncontrollable with like 200 knots on the ground, like somehow switchting to an uncontrollable slew mode (although of course, I didn't switch to slew). I remember a similar problem when doing instant replay in P3dv4 for the landing. After the replay was finished and you switch back to normal, the aircraft would suddenly pick up speed and move away uncontrollable.
  7. sorry, took some time. I tried again and couldn't reproduce it. I guess I might have wrecked the tires when landing/taxiing :-). This happens on the PMDG planes if you're not careful. best regards Adrian
  8. Hello, just tried out LIMC in P3Dv5 and I noticed that the wheels sink slightly in the ground and it's hard to start to taxi, there seems a lot of friction to the ground. I have Orbx Vector and Europe LC installed, they are ranked below in the Scenery.cfv. This only happened when arriving at LIMC, departing was ok. Best regards Adrian
  9. ok, the Hotfix did it (although I wonder a little bit, why you still need a hotfix after almost three years...), thanks for the hint. BTW, the ORBX entries above BBI are only Libs, so they shouldn't have an effect on other scenery (and to my observation have none, Berlin looks fine).
  10. yes, as I wrote this is the case It's clearly the Zurich v4 Scenery causing this, once I deactivate it, the lake and city is fine. I hope this can be fixed. Best regards Adrian
  11. Hello, I just tested LSZH pro in P3Dv5 and there are strange effects - the city looks devastating. I have ORBX Germany South and Europe LC installed, but are place below the LSZH scenery in the scenery.cfg. I took two screenshots at exactly the same spot: - 1st without LSZH active - 2nd with LSZH active. - the Lake is gone, the main station is gone, the river is gone etc. Best regards Adrian
  12. Hello, I have no dynamic lights at LSZH even though having it selected in the config tool:
  13. ok, but concerning the link, isn't this something the developers have to do? I'm not really an expert at this, but doesn't "attach a controller file" involve messing with a bgl-File included in the package? In my experience, there are a lot of payware airports out there where it doesn't happen. So I assume, Simwings has some possibilities here. Thanks Adrian
  14. Hello, I just noticed when arriving at lebl in P3Dv4.5 HF2, I have no Dyn Lights on arrival. When I load the airport for takeoff, the dyn lights work. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed or am I getting something wrong. I know a lot of airports have (had) these problems, but from a "professional" product, I expect that this stuff would have been solved long ago. It is really annoying as it spoils the whole flight! best regards Adrian
  15. Alles klar, vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort!
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