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  1. ok, but concerning the link, isn't this something the developers have to do? I'm not really an expert at this, but doesn't "attach a controller file" involve messing with a bgl-File included in the package? In my experience, there are a lot of payware airports out there where it doesn't happen. So I assume, Simwings has some possibilities here. Thanks Adrian
  2. Hello, I just noticed when arriving at lebl in P3Dv4.5 HF2, I have no Dyn Lights on arrival. When I load the airport for takeoff, the dyn lights work. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed or am I getting something wrong. I know a lot of airports have (had) these problems, but from a "professional" product, I expect that this stuff would have been solved long ago. It is really annoying as it spoils the whole flight! best regards Adrian
  3. Alles klar, vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort!
  4. Hello, I use EzDok v2 in P3Dv4 and with the 330, I had a big problem: Any time the copilot carries out any action, the views change wildly and zoom in on some part of the panel. The normal view keys assigned to Ezdok don't work unless you change to outside view and then choose an internal view again. There is no such behaviour with the 320 Pro so I hope this can be solved. Best regards Adrian
  5. cool, thanks alot for the link, that's fantastic. Tough I wish Aerosoft would provide this information on their product page.
  6. Hello, can we expect to get a SODE update for Berlin EDDB Pro? I think theses days, that's simply state-of-the-art and should be expected of a so called "Pro"-Airport. Best regards Adrian
  7. ok, thanks for the answer. Meanwhile I made a flight with this version and it worked quite well.
  8. Hello, I just installed the new experimental version but I'm still puzzled at how the GSX integration works exactly. Could you please provide a description of what the expected behaviour is? Also, the release notes mentioned an updated manual v1. In my files, I can't find any updated manual, they're all dated to April 17th. Thanks for your help Adrian
  9. Hello there, if I got it right, the last version included specifically an integration with GSX. I notice that now, doors can be opened automatically by GSX, which is nice. However, there are still problems, I encountered these: - When loading now, only the figure for fuel increases. Those for passengers and cargo don't. Yet the ZFW is the correct one set in the configurator. Is this the expected behaviour? - One annoying problem existing for a long time: When loading the A321, the "luggage train" always only has a single trailer and cargo is loaded in 30 seconds. And haven't seen this behaviour in any other aircraft in FSX or P3D. Can't this finally be fixed? I'm using P3Dv4.4 and GSX L2. Thanks for your help Adrian
  10. Hello, I own the Malpensa Airport and now wanted to install the SODE-Jetways. However, the link is dead to the file-download. Could you please have this fixed? Best regards Adrian
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