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  1. Mathijs, Just so I understand clearly: the price in the MS store and Aerosoft store will be the same, but sales through the MS store will have a commission taken by MS, am i correct? So, hypothetically, if I want to want Aerosoft to get a bigger chunk of the money I pay, I should purchase through the Aerosoft store?
  2. No, you're not the only one. For example, this version of terminal A leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the previous version. Of course as was mentioned above these are pre-alpha renders, so time will tell! I hope at the very least the terminal is transparent. We'll see how this project continues along; I'm rooting hard for it to prove me wrong.
  3. Very sad day. Hits very close to home as I have flown to and from EBBR dozens of times in my life. My mother was on her way to the airport this morning when the news broke; had the blast happened a few hours later, who knows. It hits close to home to think that his can happen at home. But that won't change the fact that I will continue to fly through BRU again and again, and love it every time. I will love the view out the left side of the window of the beautiful city on approach to runway 1. I will love flying through the airport in P3D with this scenery. And I will always love
  4. Question for the developer: Will the AFCAD be made to support crosswind runways configurations? I believe on most days the standard configuration is 25L/R for landing and 25R for takeoff, but when the winds are out of the North/East I believe the configuration calls for landing on runway 1, and takeoffs on 7L/R. Will this be done in the stock version? I'm asking because I am terrible at doing this myself, but I love seeing it.
  5. As long as this scenery is better on frames than the previous one, I can't wait. It's gonna be sweet flying my 777 across the pond to Bruxelles!
  6. I can only assume (and hope, really), that his post was a joke. It's going to be nice to replaced my old Brussels scenery with this one though. And thanks for making it Ctrl-J friendly for P3D users who can't use AES.. Cheers!
  7. Good to hear about imminent release. Important question, how is the VAS usage?
  8. Nice! Can't wait for this one to release. I hope it will have better performance than the older one. That thing killed my frames in FSX.
  9. To me, they are close to not even being competitors (GSX and AES I mean). Unless compatibility is added between the two products, this is what I (and Im sure many others) will use : - GSX for deafault airports that will never get AES-compatibility -AES for all add-no airports that don't have a jetway moving with CTRL-J. The only choice comes with FSDT's airports, and even then I think AES is the winner for two very important reasons : - More fluid jetway movements. - Both cargo entries (front and back) are being used. Considering both AES and GSX offer an animated catering se
  10. There was talk a very long while back that AES would be coming for the original version airport (I think it was rumored in 1.14). The new version (V2) has been out for about a year now, and the author said something about AES being a possibility. I requested the scenery in the "Request Airport" thread too, but still nothing. I'm not complaining; there was just no clarity on the possibility of the airport receiving AES support. Any chance it's still on the horizon, or are we out of luck? Thanks, Pierre Note: Speaking of the VOZ version of YSSY, not CLS link to the product page (f
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