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  1. I only have the problem with the CRJ 550. All other planes work. There is no bug report as the PC turns off. I've never had that problem. I can fly with the CRJ 700. Same place, same time.
  2. hi. When I charge the CRJ550, the PC turns off. With the CRJ700 everything works without any problems. There is no CTD but the PC switches off completely. What could that be? It is also the same airport
  3. many thanks for the answer. My question was because the key commands are in the instructions. it is then of course a shame that they do not work. But of course understandable because of the code.
  4. Hi. I wanted to try out the key commands at the CRJ. These are also stored. But this does not work for the Altitude controller with the keys CTRL + Page Down and Up. Does anyone else have the problem?
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