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  1. Hello Simulator fans, Is there anyone willing and able to provide a PFPX template for the Fokker F50? Regards Dirk
  2. Much appreciated and thank you. Dirk
  3. I have the a similar request for the DC-6 A & B. Regards Dirk
  4. I need some advise which I hope someone will be able to give me. I have FLYTAMPA Amsterdam Schiphol which I purchased a long time ago and worked with ever since. However I have noticed using Aivla (with which I have also worked for a long time) that when opening EHAM in Aivla Client I notice the Airport diagram but fail to see runway 36L/18R. For quite some time have I searched on the Aerosoft Forum for a possible update or so but till now with NEGATIVE result. Anyone have an answer and/or solution please? Regards Dirk Karmelk
  5. Thank you for the immediate response which is highly appreciated. Regards Dirk
  6. Tanks to all for your input. In the meantime I have successfully downloaded the Airlinerperformance.net but now comes (at least for me) the difficult part, where and how do I insert a .PER file in PFPX? Looking forward to an advise for which I thank you in advance. Dirk
  7. QW recently provide the community with the B787-10 addition. Will and when can we expect PFPX to update their A/C data file accordingly. Kind regards Dirk
  8. Dreagan, Nowhere am I able to find the result tab in PFPX after having completed the Flightplan. Where is it exactly located? Thanks Dirk
  9. Is the anything for PFPX regarding the PMDG DC-6? Thanks Dirk
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