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  1. Hello, first I want to say thank you for the continously development on the CRJ! It becomes better with every update and it's a pleasure to fly it on shorter routes across Europe. However: During an online flight yesterday I got a "proceed direct" by ATC resulting in a CTD. I could reproduce the crash two times by the following: Flight: LOWW to EDDP, alternate EDDE, FL240 for cruise, FL100 for alternate airport. The loading of the plane seems to be not important but should be within the operational limits and the PERF-page needs to be filled acordingly of course. Route: SID:LANUX6D out of runway 34 to LANUX DCT TABEM DCT VOZ DCT TIPRU DCT BEKVI DCT GOLOP DCT BEFRE T204 TEXTI T951 YAWOY In addition I entered the ILS26L for EDDP in the Arrival page during cruise. I planed to get there by vectors (of myself or assigned by ATC later). Close to Germany I got a contactme and the advise to proceed direct to JOGGA. This waypoint is the IAF for ILS26L according to the charts. However it's not part of the loaded ILS26L procedure: there the first waypoint loaded in the FMC for the ILS26L approach is DP447 which is an IF for ILS26L according to the charts. However JOGGA is loaded as part of the missed approach procedure as last waypoint. What I did is to try to enter JOGGA via the LEG page. There the waypoint list is: ... YAWOY DCT DP447 ... and so on. I entered JOGGA in scratchpad, clicked on DP447 to enter it between YAWOY and DP447 and the sim crashed. I could reproduce the error twice while in air. On ground entering JOGGA leads to a strange behavior of the FMC (from my point of view) but not into a CTD. But the flight plan seems to be messed up. I'm using the recent Navigraph cycle 2008rev1 and the CRJ in version Windows 10 in 2004 is up to date. Prepar3Dv5 HF2. If further information is required just ask and I'll try to do my best. 🙂 Best regards and thank you very much! Martin
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