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  1. These are still slightly different versions-one was a beta. Like I said-when I went back to the 228kb file-no problems that I could discern. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to fix the combination of driver/GPU? Again, this ONLY affects aircraft with TFDI Trueglass.
  2. Masterhawk, sorry for the delay. The version number I removed and stopped the DXGI’s in the A330 was TFDI Trueglass.dll version @ 229kb size dated 9/28/2020 downloaded from their beta testing discord. The version that I put back into gauges that came with the Aerosoft A330 is the same version- BUT the date was 8/19/2020 and the file size is 228kb As you can see in the image-the one installed by the A330 is on the right and the one I used for the 717 is on the left. I really hope TFDI is able to sort this out. Trueglass (and potentia
  3. I will tomorrow working overnight tonight. It crashes both your A330 and the QW787... I still have DXGI issues with both birds due to TrueGlass... Including having black windscreens on the A330 when I disable TG in bad weather.
  4. @Mathijs Kok Thanks-you’re the first person that’s ever given me a clue on the error codes.... Somewhat good news: So I had forgotten that I had a new TrueGlass.DLL (which was written to FIX the DXGI issues) from TFDI from Beta testing their 717 in V5.... The A330 DXGI issues I had prior to this notwithstanding, I had backed up the TrueGlass file from August that installed with the A330 originally-I swapped the TrueGlass files out and voila. Patterns at KBOS in bad weather with no problems at all. I really hope TFDI gets the TrueGlass/RealLight issues sorted out.
  5. So I just CANNOT seem to get the A330 to stablize on my system... I've run the tool to determine the runtimes (don't know how to decipher it) and I've pasted in below the two errors and the results of the AS Info tool. If anyone can help, its greatly appreciated. If this is in the wrong subsection feel free to move it. This DXGI crash happens on load in to airports-I see the flight deck for 10-30 seconds and bang... Done. My other add-ons work fine. I've even attempted turning my GPU power limit down further as found elsewhere. Error: First Load PHOG Faul
  6. Mathijs did you mean a YouTube video as to “how to” with LINDA? What market are you talking about? I realize the A330 isn’t full on all the bells and whistles but its a great plane and it flies nice (when what I suspect is TrueGlass doesn’t throw DXGI errors at me) Not to mention it’s the only option for my beloved Hawaiian Airlines at present (how about a market for an A332 expansion pretty please!)
  7. Yes I’ve figured out tons myself thru the years as well. I’m at the point now where I just want to fly 😂 I’ve actually got LINDA somewhat working now so I think I’ll be able to use the A330 module at this point. I was worried I was going to have to write every line of code for every switch going.
  8. Might I also suggest someone should really do a YouTube video on this (particularly with mapping the FCU among other things) with the Linda/LUA stuff. Scot Flieger was kind enough to give me a quick step by step on how to get started with the LINDA/LUA stuff but before I could get started, the plane started throwing the DXGI errors.
  9. I appreciate the response but you completely lost me by the second sentence. At any rate-im screwed with the A330 anyhow. When I attempted to start flying yesterday it started throwing DXGI device removed/device Hung errors at me again which it hadn’t done in quite some time. Even after a reinstall it’s still doing it so now I’ve got to figure out what happened to it first and get it working before I can fly it again and attempt to map my gear to it.
  10. Thanks for the additional reply. Hopefully @Joan Alonso can pop thru to help out cause there’s not too many YouTube videos out there with how to do this.
  11. I also use the virtual cockpit. But with my peripheral devices I want to program them to my buttons and switches so I don’t have to look around and take my eyes off the pavement or sky so much as it were. As to the macros-My current macros work BUT not like they should (button remains depressed etc.) If there’s a custom code, then there theoretically should be a code that can be sent to FSUIPC?
  12. Looking at that post just trying to figure out what the heck to write is insanity. I get that this is for the range of the ND but I’m not a coder. It took me an hour each to input the custom codes for my other addon a/c. Is there a list of offsets. I believe those will go into FSUIPC the same way with a certain number. function ND_RANGE_inc () i = ipc.readLvar("L:AB_MPL_ND_Range") if i < 5 then ipc.writeLvar("L:AB_MPL_ND_Range", i+1) ipc.sleep(10) ASC_KnobRotate () ND_RANGE_show () end end fu
  13. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the reply but this really isn’t what I’m looking to do here. This: function AB_EXT_ExtPwr_conn () ipc.writeLvar("MCDU_EXTPOWER", 1) end function AB_EXT_ExtPwr_disc () AB_OVH_EXT_PWR_off () ipc.writeLvar("MCDU_EXTPOWER", 0) end function AB_EXT_ExtPwr_toggle () var = ipc.readLvar("MCDU_EXTPOWER") if var == 1 then AB_EXT_ExtPwr_disc() else AB_EXT_ExtPwr_conn() end end event.flag(1, "AB_EXT_ExtPwr_toggle") kind of stuff really confus
  14. Hey there, not sure if this is the right spot (‘Everything else’) but I’ve got a question about setting up my FCU w FSUIPC and/or P3D to work with my CH throttle switches and the push buttons on my TM TCA Airbus sidestick. On my smaller bus from a different company, I’ve used spad next to get my radio stack working. As for the FCU in my other aircraft -I use my CH throttle quad switches in order to go speed inc/dec, HDG inc/dec, ALT inc/dec, VS etc. -I use the push buttons on my TCA Airbus sidestick for AP1/2, LOC/APPR/EXPED autobrake Low-Max, TO Config
  15. RT @TheFunnyWorId: This is hilarious. ???????????? http://t.co/qFoFJKMPaP

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