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  1. Hi David, I always forget to download the RAD after updating the AIRAC. Regards Lorenzo
  2. What I want to know is how you managed to get that flight plan, thanks
  3. I wanted to recreate the OMDB to LIPE flight. With PFPX the route is in photo n.1. While photo 2 shows the real route. How can I get the route of hole 2? Thanks.
  4. Yes, right. sorry i'm italian and i write it badly How should I operate accordingly
  5. I created the route with PFPX and I enclose 3 images for clarification The first image is the SID referred to LUPO8H and practically says that at the point PE601 4000 'and 200 KT then the following points until you get to LUPOS at FL100 or above. The route on the FMC of 737 PMDG is loaded and tells me that at PE607 FL159 then PE603 FL198 then PE367 FL241 to be on LUPOS at FL100A. Even at the EVKIV point I should be at FL290 .As is possible, it seems to me that PFPX is blatantly wrong. Some help or comment, thanks.
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