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  1. and will 2018 versions of airbuses have legacy lighting beside DL, cause pmdg and FSL doesn't have it, and especialy with FSL a320 for v4.1, is a nightmare to fly at night, beacause DL eats a lot of FPS
  2. will we able to fly over CFD within different platforms? for example PIC with a320 2018 edition for p3dv4, and FO with a320 edition but for p3d v3? thx
  3. yes i've tried that and it works fine now, thanks
  4. all it's ok, if not consider that DOME light is not working now what can i do? tnx!
  5. Version


    Dirty version of Air Moldova Airbus A321-200 Livery for Aerosoft Airbus A321 (FSX)
  6. Hello guys! I want to request a repaint for Airbus A321 Air Moldova SX-BHT But if you don't have time for it, please post someone a tutorial (better video) how myself to do this repaint, maybe you've got some link's with usefull info? Thank you all! I've do it! Download here!
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