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  1. That was a struggle !

    Installed all 10 discs - validated -etc etc onto my PC

    Then it asked for Game Disc-what is that?

    Ran around the Microsoft Store XBox etc etc-totally confused

    I used to run FSX and have a P3Dv5hf2 and XPlane setups currently-not a novice!

    Uninstalled everything to do with Microsoft Simulator via Win10 -Settings-uninstall

    Reinstalled -asked for validation but didn’t work but must have been in the system and  OK cos arrived at demand for Game Disc again

    Thought I would try Disc 1-lo and behold off it went!

    Recognised my Hotas Controller and Keyboard /Mouse

    Press any key-actually was rt press on mouse and main MSFS 2020 screen came up

    Flew to Courchavel  with default settings and landed safely!
    Installed one Orbx airport 
    Whew -onwards and upwards


  2. It maybe of interest to know  that when I updated my P3Dv4.5 to Hotfix2 that I lost a lot of my Orbyx vegetation density esp Trees

    I was flying in the Washington area-Israel’s Farm WA56 etc

    On a suggestion fro the Orbyx P3Dv4 board I tried disabling Aerosoft Lukla Everest-latest installation 

    This restored my Orbyx Scenery density to previous levels


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