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  1. Except it is not a terminal, it is detatched from the main airport building so how on earth could it be a terminal? It has been offices for the past 10+ years and currently is the management offices for Brussels Airport, how I know? I worked on the Oxygen office building at Brussels Airport when it was being constructed. Which stands between the round building that I am referring to and the check-in main building. Has always been an office. Plus only way to access the building I am referring to was via the cargo, police and taxi road. I really don't think you know what you are talking about ha
  2. I worked at the construction side on the office building, was fun watching all the planes around that side of the airport, was mostly United, Delta, Jetairfly, Thomas Cook and so on, obviously Brussels Airlines too as they used the whole airport.
  3. Yes, because the old one was horrible, buildings looked like defaults with everything very boxy and flat, textures were horrible, it was not nice. Oh and the old one was INCORRECT that is the biggest annoyance, for a "professional payware scenery." they put jetways on a building that wasn't even a terminal, it was an office building for airport staff. It has stands outside it, but it's not a terminal so no idea why DFS thought putting jetways was the right thing to do there has never been any. This airport will be correct, that is what we want the most. So thank you for this amazin
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