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  1. Maybe you can try if you want the PMDG issue with their 777 exemple :
  2. Great idea about the beacon reflection on the engines or wings, i hope they will do it on the upcoming A330 as did PMDG on the 777 last version. I tried to did one on the Tom Ruth model, not bad... and no fps impact. Some previews
  3. Great shots !! amazing work !! but i have a question : will you animate every sun visor in the cockpit ? Or just the left side as A320 etc ?
  4. French west indies Airlines if is possible. Air Caraïbes A330-300 (PW) : F-OONE / F-ORLY A330-200 (PW) : F-OFDF ----------------- Corsair International A330-200 (RR) : F-HBIL /F-HCAT A330-300 (RR) : F-HSKY
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