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  1. Hi Mopperle, Thanks very much for your comments. I've tried by selecting the de-activation of the photoreal scenery, and once done, the default night textures appear correctly. I have Orbx installed, but as you can see from the images above, it doesn't appear to have any negative effects as when the photoreal scenery is inactive, it shows the night textures properly. Any other ideas maybe? Thank you all José
  2. Hello Mathijs, Actually I discovered this matter from a flight bound for Barcelona while carrying out the approach to Rwy 25R. Initially I thought this could be due to the GSX Level 2 blurriness issue, however FSDT corrected this matter and is no longer a problem, but the blurriness persists only at LEBL professional during night time. I've just taken a couple more of shots without time preview, and as you can see, the blurries are there still. What could I do, please? Thanks in advance, Jose
  3. Hello support team; I've recently found that when flying over Barcelona (Professional edition for P3D v4) the night textures appear very blurry, as you can see in the screenshots taken: On daytime however, no blurries appear so far: It seems to be a problem with the photoreal area of Barcelona, because I've disabled it and the night textures appeared correctly with the usual P3D autogen: Is anybody having the same issue? I've already tried disabling and re-enabling the LEBL Addon, unistall+install, tweaking the Autogen sliders to max, but not result so far. Any advice on how to solve this, please? Thanks everyone in advance for your help. José
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