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  1. Thank you Stefan for your answer. You're a professional, and I would agree with your arguments. The main thing is the end result, and of course you better know how to achieve it! The model is not ready yet but we already get pleasure from your reviews and communicate with you. Good luck in your creativity and life!
  2. Hi Stefan! Thank you for your hard work and for the fact that you find time to communicate with us and to keep us informed. Аbout 3D windows let me not agree with you! Your logic is clear but it does not fit your same decision. For example: why to do such detailed landing gears department? This is an internal invisible part of the aircraft. But I was very happy about it! I think all of the models parts should be at the same high level. Many pilots like me, every flight enjoy the visual model for a long time before takeoff and after landing. Believe me, this is very important! In my experience: Today I need to always make the product for tomorrow, because while I'm doing it, comes tomorrow. For example, all models of PMDG have a 3D windows. And by the way, PMDG JS4100 has the ability to affordable of load manager showing passengers in the cabin. (model released six years ago) Today is 21st century! What Henry Ford might to say today?" We disclaim heat engines in cars and choose the electric vehicle. Why? Because, despite all the difficulties, people want better and more.... If someone does not have enough money to buy Tesla, it does not mean that it is not necessary to produce. We just need help to find the money to those who do not buy it yet. We need today to give people tomorrow! Only this way can we ensure a future...". I think so would say Henry Ford... By the way, I bought the BBS Wide body shortly after the release, just looked at the external model and deleted it. It's just an insult to the real aircraft!!!!
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