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  1. Sorry for the late reply back. I've had no issues entering restrictions with other STARS. When flying other routes into that airport, I had no issues. (Example: GEMNI4, I had no issue entering the restriction of 12,000 feet at GEMNI.) It seemed to be only on that particular flight plan.
  2. jhammer

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    It happens to me at flaps 45 and Vref+5. It likes to really chase the GS for me. Any speed variation, even 1-2 kts and it's all over the place. My ZFW for the CRJ7 is around 58,500-59,000lbs and for the CRJ9 is around 65,000lbs.
  3. jhammer

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    I experienced this today as well on 21L at DTW.
  4. Upon flying from KBOS-KDTW in the CRJ9, I was unable to enter a crossing restriction into the FMC. My route was RWY33L.HYLND5.HYLND.GONZZ.BUF.SPICA2. Landing was ILS21L via COUNT. I was unable to enter a crossing restriction of 12,000ft at SPICA. Also, upon reaching transition altitude at FL180, 29.92 kept flashing on the MFD throughout the whole flight.
  5. I finally have been able to fly again and have updated the CRJ to the most current version. What's happening for me is that upon capturing the glideslope, the aircraft tends to "porpoise" wildly to chase it all the way down to the runway. Ranging from pitching down to roughly -1800fpm to actually climbing at points as well. The CoG is correct, I'm quite certain I've flown the approach correctly as well. I've flown several flights between KATL-KMSP-KDTW and used various runways. I recall the plane not doing it so aggressively in earlier versions.
  6. I'm pumped for this. This plane looks amazing! My logbook is gonna have a lot of DAL A330 flights.
  7. Well, judging from that pic, Mathijs certainly has good taste with video games. +1 on BF1
  8. I love this. I nearly spit my coffee out laughing.
  9. The nipple rubbing comment a page or two back was quite well received hahahahaha
  10. I really need to check back more often here. This is the single best post in the history of everything.
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    Repaint request

    Looks amazing! Thank you!!!!
  12. jhammer

    Repaint request

    Definitely looks amazing. Thank you so much!
  13. jhammer

    Repaint request

    Both noticed it at the same time lol!