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  1. thanks for all the info. I just got this tonight, and the FPS is very similar to the default gliders. Example over same area, without the map turned on, get about 25fps with default glider, and about 23fps with Discus. For the vast improvement, not bad at all. Thanks for all the hard work, now back to gliding the night away.
  2. thanks for the quick replies. will be getting this as soon as I get home from work! happy sailing!
  3. I sure want to get this, but before purchase, could someone give a comparison of the FPS with the new Discus to the default glider in FSX. Thanks.
  4. Downloaded this tonight, great job with this, very realistic,and makes gliding in FSX much better.
  5. I downloaded yesterday 5/21/2009 at about 6pm est, GMT-5, and it worked great, did not have any issues, and it sounds great. Very nice free update. Now lets get this done for the Beaver! Anyway, great job with this, makes for a very immersive sound experience.
  6. Posted this on the OZX forum, to spread the word, WOW, amazing job guys!!!! I just downloaded after reading some great post, and wow, is this a great plane, and amazing on the FPS, I have an old system that have locked at 20fps, and on external view its about 19.7 FPS, and internal view is about 19.2. As good or better than any of the standard default planes, and the sounds are to die for. Great job Aerosoft. Couple quick pic's: one more:
  7. Yes, thanks very much for the yet unfinished manual. The detail in this is just amazing, will be a great plane. Have to put this on the list to get when it comes out.
  8. Looks great , thanks for the latest pictures!
  9. Great news, I have an older system also, and love the Beaver, and H1, they actually run as good or better than the default 172. Have both this and the new gliders on soon to purchase list.
  10. Looks great, cant wait for this to come out.
  11. Looks like a nice update, will be looking out for this.
  12. I did the full re-install process and that worked great also, thanks for the update! What great support.
  13. I know how you feel, this is one heck of a plane. I did not think they could make planes better than the Beaver X, and Twin Otter X, but they sure did. It even gets better FPS than both of these planes, and I did not think that would be possible with a payware plane of this detail. Amazing job.
  14. yea, sometimes even forget to put some of mine on here, great plane!
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