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  1. THANK YOU! I now have LIRF and EPWA fully working. The issue remains at LEVC No loading bridges appear. ..
  2. This is the situation today tryng to activate airports reinstalled by AES Help utility:
  3. Sadly I'm not a developer and I can't get out this situation. I have "SODE" (i say "SADE") airports with jetways showing but no AES service available, and also I have airports without jetways and of course no AES service too. I spent lot of money for that, and now spend lot of time to make it working fine. Looking for a "brick in the wall" !! please HELP!
  4. I did not know about SODE to be installed in Dzereziecky Warsaw. So I now have to add it to Valencia as useless.
  5. Now I had an issue at LEVC and uninstalled SODE, then I don't have any AES service working in all other airports I have . Anyone knows why? Thank you Francesco
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