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  1. Thank you for the fix! Very much appreciated I have another problem. If I plan a route via the NATs (e.g. today NAT A from PIKIL to JANJO) and select .84 and OPT ALT in the fixed speed/altitude segment from LIPGO to JANJO, PFPX still shows MACH until waypoint TAFFY. However in the detailed plan the revert back to Cost Index Speed is occuring overhead JANJO, which is correct. Also should the fixed mach segment already show up overhead LIPGO, because the North Atlantic Transition Area requires the Mach technique. In the detailed flight plan this is also correct. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you very much for your help (FPL-AUA1-IS -B744/H-SDE3FGHIJ3J5J6M1M2P2RWXYZ/LB1D1 -EGLL1800 -N0490F360 CPT UL9 KENET N14 MEDOG L18 LIPGO/M084F360 should be there DCT PIKIL/M084F360 NATA JANJO/N0483F380 should be there N558A TAFFY/N0483F380 DCT ENE PARCH3 -KJFK0652 KEWR -PBN/A1B1D1L1O1S2 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 RNP2 DAT/1FANSP2PDC SUR/RSP180 DOF/200523 REG/GCIVL EET/EISN0036 EGPX0102 EGGX0103 57N020W0157 CZQX0242 58N040W0320 56N050W0401 JANJO0434 CZUL0506 CZQM0536 TAFFY0541 KZBW0545 KZNY0645 SEL/BHMP CODE/400614 RVR/075 OPR/BAW PER/D RMK/LAHSO NOT AUTHORISED TCAS -E/0758)
  2. Have you already tested them? Are they accurate? I haven't had time yet..
  3. to warm up this old post, PMDG has updated its 747. two great items in the changelog: - 0007799: [General - Flight Model] ISA Fuel Burn adjustment (emvaos) - resolved. - 0008525: [General - Flight Model] Separate OPT/MAX ALT tables for -ER and -ERF (emvaos) - resolved.
  4. I think I just found the culprit: SOVIL DCT SITNI DCT BAGSI DCT MATIG DCT TRAUN L856 AKABI UZ613 TRA Z69 OLBEN UN869 BENOT -> PFPX ignores the restriction, however it's the automatic route found by PFPX If I manually change it to: SOVIL DCT SITNI DCT BAGSI DCT MATIG DCT TRAUN L856 RAVED/N0453F340 L856 TRA/N0440F330 Z69 OLBEN UN869 BENOT -> PFPX gets it correct That is really strange, because the route restriction is RAVED L856 NEGRA MAX FL345. This portion of the route is before AKABI, so PFPX should always take this restriction into account. To answer your question: I get the same results irrelevant if I'm using MAX or OPT FL.
  5. Hi Stephen! Thanks for your quick answer. I'm using the NavDataPro AIRACs. With that provider the eastbound limit between KPT and TRAUN is correct. And I forgot to mention: I'm also using the RAD Restrictions and Directs. That's really strange, because normally PFPX takes the restrictions into account..
  6. Hello! I've been using PFPX now for a long time and it really does an outstanding job. However I have a problem regarding the automatic FL selection. For example: LOWW-LSGG -> best route is SOVIL DCT SITNI DCT BAGSI DCT MATIG DCT TRAUN L856 AKABI UZ613 TRA Z69 OLBEN UN869 BENOT ; PFPX finds it automatically. Perfect! It gives me a cruising level of FL360. However there is a route restriction LSED1100. It says "RAVED L856 NEGRA Not available for traffic ARR LSGG/GS above FL345". The route restriction is active in PFPX, but PFPX just ignores it. Anybody knows how to fix this behavior? Best regards, Daniel
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