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  1. I purchased this plane with a feeling that it was safe since it`s Aerosoft. I waited this long to give Aerosoft the time to fix the typical release bugs. Too bad i`m not the guy who reads forums everyday. Thanks to you guys for being so positive and friendly. I just love the internet with all the nice people and nice attitudes. regards Bjørn Erik Henriksen
  2. Hi there! I only recently purchased the Airbus X and would like to share my view on this addon. You guys at Aerosoft probably won`t like all of it though. Lets start with the engine start. I have read that the normal FSX engine start (rapid spool up) is there because you didn`t want to code your own engines, You were worried about FPS loss and something about a weather engine conflict. I think that all it comes down to, is that it was easier this way. I just hope the advanced version will have custom coded engines. My next issue is the way the bus follows the flight plan. It overshoots every waypoint if the turn has an angle of more than 25-30 degrees. Neither the FSX ATC or Radar Contact is pleased with the way the bus drifts the corners. My last issue is the bug with the TOC/TOD when you have more than 5 waypoints before/after these. I think that is sloppy. Enough said. Positives? Sure... Beutiful visual model, Nice cockpit lighting (even if it`s only on/off) and a very nice VC. I just don`t think that the few positives makes up for the rather nasty issues. You could really have a top notch product if you could fix these issues. Now let`s see how long it takes before this post is locked or deleted. regards Bjørn Erik Henriksen
  3. Well.. I haven`t really tried that, but if that works it won`t change the fact that my hardware doesn`t.
  4. Hi there. I`m having a small "issue" with the Twin otter. I`m using the Saitek throttle control to adjust the Prop RPM, but the lowest setting i get is approx 75% RPM. This is achieved when the Prop levers is pulled back all the way. It should really have fethered the props at that setting. Are there any tweaks or fixes for this? If I could figure this out it would make the Twin Otter the ace of my collection.
  5. Hi All. If anyone wants to get hold of any of my released Twotter repaints, I still have copies of them backed up. Sadly I lost several other repaints when Avsim went down. Give me a holler if needed. regards Bjørn E. Henriksen
  6. "CTR TK FEEDG" is a message that tells you that the center tank is feeding fuel to the engines. You need to start the flight with empty center tanks to avoid the message. It will of course also extinguish when the center tank is empty. You can also turn off the center tank pumps, but then you would get another message about the center tank pumps.
  7. It would have been better for you to ask that question in the dreamfleet forum, but i can answer it here anyway. They are planning FSX release of the A36 either after the Dakota release or after the Archer III release. They has a poll on the forum asking for the customers opinion on which of the two they would like to see in FSX first. The majority would like to see the A36 first. regards Bjørn E.
  8. And it is a joy to fly the twotter with the new flight model.
  9. Well... If you read through this thread, you will see that i have done Aeropelican VH-KZO in two slightly different liveries. Have been tweaking the text on the side. Just need to do the thumbnails before release.
  10. I think you can go better at Vancouver harbour or Vancouver international if you have the scenery for it. (since the floats are painted in canadian liveries) :wink: Sitka will be my first choice when tongass X is released.
  11. Can`t find it in the FAQ / Support section. Only see the 1.01 unofficial update there.
  12. Nah... That would probably only turn the runway into a whale or something.
  13. On short final.. it may take a few hours to taxi to the ramp though.
  14. Thanks Chris! Weird shape for a spinner though. Red Tail 001 is on final. :wink:
  15. Could anyone point me in the right direction of the spinner in the painkit? Can`t seem to find it anywhere. Need to paint them red. It`s the only thing left on my next repaint.
  16. Well.. I used to check out the numbers on my first few repaints uploaded, but now i`m not really interested in what people download or how popular my repaints are because, as you said, some repaints i find "lacking" in quality seems to be just as popular as the most awesome ones out there. just my thoughts though.
  17. Wow! You keeping count of the downloads?
  18. Great work on the repaints guys! If classical South American is your flavour..... Uploading tomorrow.
  19. nah.. I`ll just wait until the new server is up.
  20. I will do the new colours as well. I just had to do the Ansett logo. edit: New colours done. (why did they make it this dull?)
  21. Noticed that the gold stripes along the fuselage was too narrow after finishing this one. Not sure if i will release it.
  22. I`m sorry to say that the beta range lights still goes out depending on speed on the ground as well as power lever positions.
  23. I have started to fiddle a bit with the paintkit, but i will first do a livery to complement the Winair livery for those hops in the caribbean. I have done the livery for the DF Baron, but it`s time to apply it to the appropriate bird. :wink:
  24. I just have to report something i noticed on one of my delightful flights in the caribbean. The beta range lights seems to extinguish when you build some speed without moving the power levers. example: I was going to backtrack on a rather long runway. Pushed the power lever a bit forward to get some momentum. Left the levers where they were. When i got up to about 25-30 kias the beta range lights went out. Is that the correct way for them to work?
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