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  1. I also did a quick test and I'm really happy :-) GPU and CPU never reached full load and peaks are gone. I could only notice some rare stutters which are totally normal. All options maxed out :-) I'll do a proper flight tomorrow but that quick test made me very happy :-) Thanks to all! Chris
  2. I also did some more tests as I'm almost finished with my new FS PC (i7 8086K at 5 GHz and Asus ROG Strix GTX1070 OC). I got now a smooth 30 FPS experience with very good graphics and 3 monitors at almost every airport, except RCTP and EDDK. EDDK and RCTP have the same issue, just that at RCTP I only have 50% of the severity I got at EDDK. I found out that on my PC it's a GPU issue. I turned shadows off and turned all options to the left in the config tool, only for a test (usually I have shadows on). The GPU is usually around 40% load but every few seconds I get a peak. For that test case, the peak is between 80 and 99%, when I get a longer 99% peak I can see the described stuttering. When I now increase the load on the GPU, hence turning options back on or enabling shadows, the peaks stay way longer at 99% and I get a more severe stuttering. When I disable the side views and only have one view active I can see the same behavior. I then have an base load of around 15% and peaks of around 45%. As there is enough load left, I get no stutters. So when I look at benchmarks of better cards than my overclocked 1070, I think even the best card will cause stuttering as the peak load is so extremely high with let's say a base load of 80% that no card can handle this. In my view there is no real "error" in the scenery but (as already described) some technique internally causes this. And it is not acceptable that even we guys with high end PCs get this severe stuttering. I'm hoping the pending update solves this. Chris
  3. Schau mal ins englische Forum. Man muss nach dem Update auch die SODE Files manuell updaten. War bei mir auch so.
  4. I just completed my first flight inbound to EDDK and I can confirm this issue. I meanwhile turned the shadows off, only this way I can get >30 FPS with my 3 views setup in EDDK. On ground at terminal 2 I have solid 33 FPS with 2% variance. But when in flight close to the airport I get this behavior as described. FPS are generally around 30 but drop every 2 seconds to around 10-20 and of course the variance is much higher. So far I only noticed it at EDDK. And again: A very great and beautiful scenery. I flew a leg yesterday on my old FS PC and seeing the old EDDK and new EDDK in comparision, I can't find enough words :-)
  5. I'm the one with the 8086K and 1070. I have 8 GB and memory is far away from that border.
  6. 1.40 V, I had no luck in the lottery. I assume that, those are other Aerosoft sceneries, FSDT and Flightbeam sceneries. It's weird that EDDK is the only scenery causing this issue.
  7. I posted something yesterday in another thread but I think it better fits here: I now removed my OC and I have an 1 FPS increase. So nothing to do with my OC. Chris
  8. First of all: Great scenery :-) However I'm also investigating a low FPS issue. I bought a new PC (i7 8086K overclocked to 5 GHz, GTX1070 with factory overclock) which is a really great machine. Most sceneries run with medium to high settings at 85 FPS with one screen and 35 FPS with 3 screens. I'm still working on it, so not the final settings. But EDDK is an exception, with one screen I've noticed intitally around 45 FPS with one screen and 17 FPS with 3 screens. During the night I have 12 FPS with 3 screens (and dynamic lighting). I tried different settings in the config tool but it doesn't really matter, it only affects the FPS by a few percent. So like 17 FPS with high settings and 19 FPS with low settings. When I turn the shadows off I get around 35 FPS during day (3 screens, high end settings) which is around the same I get with other (large) sceneries with shadows. During the night maybe from 12 FPS to 17 FPS (with/without shadows). What I can tell is that the GPU is FPS limiting, my CPU has not much to do (GPU at 99%). That's not normal as I discovered with all other sceneries I have that with a 3 screen setup the CPU is the limiting factor. Any ideas are welcome. Chris
  9. Ich benutze 2.02 und gerade in Klagenfurt (Stand 21) ist auf Stand 22 ein zweiter Marshaller aufgetaucht. Nachdem die Treppen heran gefahren waren, verschwand er.
  10. Also das "bis auf das Mesh" bedeutet, dass das Mesh doch noch aktiviert ist, nur die Szenerie ist deaktiviert. Hab ich vielleicht falsch formuliert ;-) Naja, spare aktuell für einen neuen PC :-) Danke für die Antworten!
  11. Hallo zusammen, heute ein eher etwas ungewöhnlicher Wunsch: Ist es möglich, in der Scenery Germany 3 nur den Flughafen EDKA (Merzbrück) zu aktivieren? Der Grund: Mein PC ist leider zu langsam um die gesamte Scenery Germany 3 mit German Airports 3 flüssig anzuzeigen, also hab ich die SG3 bis auf das Mesh deaktiviert. Nun hätte ich aber doch gerne EDKA drin, denn der ist sozusagen mein Heimatflugplatz. Mit ein bisschen herumprobieren habe ich schon herausgefunden, dass einfach nur die EDKA-Dateien aktivieren nicht geht. Könnt ihr mir weiterhelfen?
  12. Hallo alle zusammen! Erstmal natürlich großes Lob an Olli für AES Dann aber ein Problem: In EDDE ist eben leider meine Tristar schwer beschädigt worden: Die Fluggastbrücke wurde erst ausgefahren und dann in mein Flugzeug hineingeschwenkt...
  13. Abwarten, vielleicht ist das ja ein Programmierer-Geheimnis :wink:
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