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  1. I changed the installation path as suggested. Now the installation worked fine - problem solved and Berlin-Brandenburg runs - at least on my PC! Heaven knows why all my other Aeorosoft Addons work fine on the path the installer suggests. Berliner "Extrawurst"? Now I finally can take off from Berlin to fly hom to the beautiful new Munich airport! Thanks and Servus from Bavaria!
  2. Sorry for being late to answer - is it because of a bit frustration with "Berlin-Brandenburg"? I confirm the installatoin folder is C:\... documents\aerosoft (like about ten other aerosoft products) P3DV4.5 is installed on F:\
  3. ok - wie beschrieben durchgeführt. jetzt bekomme ich aber die nächste Fehlermeldung:
  4. Hello, During reinstalling (due to a hardware upgrade) the Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg for P3D4.5 I get the permanent error that the access is refused for a file piAexxxx.rra where the file name at the position of xxx may vary. See attached screenshot. In that folder no files with a similar name exist. Installation with admin rights. P3D is located on a different SSD. No similar problem with other installations of Aerosoft products. Any hints where the problem is? Servus, Dieter
  5. I have exacly the same isssue on a complete new System with the recent versions of: P3D V4.5.13.32097 ChasePlane V 1.0.44 AS for P3Dv4 7208 Do you have any specific hint? Thank you in advance
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