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  1. I saw on the store site that if you owned Maastricht-Aachen x you received Maastricht-Aachen professional for a free upgrade. I received this airport as part of the Dutch airports add on. Does this offer apply to this version as well? I surely hope so. I just changed simulators and would love to keep this airport in my scenery. I use it in Air Hauler 2 as a base. Thanks for any info!
  2. Well bummer. My favorite airport, so wouldn't you know it. Any hopes of it ever being updated? Thanks for the info by the way!
  3. I just upgraded to Prepar3d v.4. Will Innsbruck work with this? I have been using it in FSX and hate to lose it. I fly in and out of there a lot. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you very much Herman, I appreciate your help! As I said it's not a killer nor does it ruin my enjoyment of the airport. It was just different and it threw me at first. Thanks for the charts and links. I'll check them out. Keep up the work and thanks again!
  5. I use no ATC add ons. It's the default as bad as it is. As I stated in my original post at top it's FSX. Usually in FSX when I land realistic or not the ATC when I'm moving slow enough says to exit the runway when able. This doesn't really matter where I am at. I don't truly know if this is realistic but it always does. Addon airports and default alike. When ever in the past I've not gotten this message it was usually because I either landed on the wrong runway( yep it's happened) or heaven forbid at the wrong airport. As I said I don't know if it's realistic or not but it always goes down this same way. So apparently that's how FSX does it and that's what I have to go by. It's not doing it from either end at Aspen in any plane. As I stated it's not a killer of a problem just not normal on my end. I do want to use this airport in Just Flight's Air Hauler 2 and was concerned that AH2 might not think I had landed at the proper airport if I wasn't getting this message. Thank you for answering and any help. In a some what unrelated issue. Do you know where to find a chart online of the parking and gate locations at Aspen? As I said it's not Rome or such but it is confusing with no directions on where to go to park or to which gate. Thanks again!
  6. I tried landing at RNWY 15 today. Received clearance and got the same pass off to ground instead of being asked to exit the runway first. This is minor maybe but very annoying when you know you were on the runway. Has any one else seen this issue or am I the only one? Also you get no taxi or parking directions. Well you get them but no indication of where to go. That could be solved if I could find a chart online but normal airport charts don't cover this.
  7. I just bought Aspen today. I love the airport but noticed some small issues. I was cleared to land at RNWY 33. I landed and instead of being asked to exit the runway, I immediately was told to contact ground. The only other times I've ever seen this elsewhere was because I landed at the wrong runway. Which I clearly didn't in this case. The other issue is I still use the yellow taxi arrows for directions. I know antiquated but that's just what I use. Mainly at very unfamiliar airports. Now granted this isn't Rome we're talking about in size but still confusing. Are these known or seen before issues? Or am I the only lucky one. Not big issues and I love the airport just really curious. I don't by the way use any other add ons in this area and it is in fsx by the way. Thanks!
  8. No, no addons of that type at all. Other than airports, mostly Aerosoft and airplanes I don't run many extras. Extra meshes always seem problematic and I've always been concerned that traffic addons would cut into frame rates. Bonaire doesn't mess up outside of Air Hauler 2 so it's not that big a deal. Knowing the doubles entries are normal is a big help. Thanks a bunch!
  9. I bought Bonaire back over Christmas. The airport is mostly working as it should. I tried to start an Air Hauler 2 company out of there recently. The starting airplane was a Carenado s550. The plane was sitting mostly buried in the parking space as I tried to take the type rating test you have to take. It hadn't done this outside of AH2 so I put it off to a problem between the airport and AH2. I got to looking in my scenery list though and there was two entries for Bonaire or TCBN I think it is. I've never had other scenery for this area at all and one of the entries has (exclude) written out beside it. I know they were both installed by the Aerosoft scenery. My question is that normal? Or is something amiss. I don't know if it's related to my above problem but I don't know that it's not. Is that the way it's supposed to be and if so fine. If not what do I do to fix it? Thanks for any help! Be nice to know if any one else has seen this or if I'm the only lucky one. Actually the entries in the scenery list read: Bonaire Flamingo X AFX Bonaire Flamingo X., The exclude mentioned above is when you search for the airport to start from. Sorry about the confusion!
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